How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Many women accept their weight because of their age especially if they are over forty. Some may use their age as a reason why they have lost all control of  their body (and sometimes their mind!).  I'm here to tell you that you can be at your ideal weight no matter what your age.

I know because I did it in my forties and it was a pretty simple process if you take one step at a time.

First step is to eliminate processed food. I chose REAL, WHOLE foods grown naturally or certified organic and preferably non GMO. Eliminating the pesticides and herbicides reduces the toxic load to your body. Besides what is excess weight? Mostly toxins.

Second step is to eliminate or reduce gluten and dairy.

Next, I learned portion control. I used a measuring cup instead of a serving spoon. I would play a game that if I normally ate one cup (if that were a suggested serving size), I would cut the amount down by a third.

A majority of the time I was more than satisfied which brings us to the next key to weight-loss, satiation. Satiation means learning to eat until satisfied instead of until you are full. Most people eat until they are full which means you have over eaten. Eat your one serving, put your plate in the dishwasher and step away from the food sources. Let your food digest by resting for 10-20 minutes and go for a family walk.
However please note that I NEVER deprived myself and listened to my body. If I truly needed more food, I ate it. If I had an intense workout and my body needed fuel, I fed it with whole, clean food.

Hydration is key and tracking your daily intake helps as few people are properly hydrated and many are severely dehydrated. Water is the best method to remove toxins from the body and also creates a feeling of fullness. It can provide us with energy and so we rely less on food to provide.What I had to learn is the difference between hunger and thirst, which can be a bit tricky at first.  Drink purified water all day long by carrying a water bottle with you everywhere.

Eating raw foods with my meal or preferably before the meal like a small salad or a handful of raw veggies is beneficial for a couple reasons.

First benefit is that raw foods contain live enzymes. Most women over 40 have a diminished ability to produce enzymes which connects back to excess weight. A lack of digestive enzymes means your food isn't breaking food into nutrients to be assimilated and isn't allowing proper elimination (constipation).

Second, statistically we know that consuming a small salad before a meal cuts down your caloric intake by 15%. Just remember to pass on the conventional salad dressing laden with fat and preservatives by making your own. Request my free recipe book if you need ideas.

Another simple tip is to replace a meal with a plant-based (not whey) non GMO, gluten-free protein drink.  The statistics here again tell us this is a good way to reduce weight assuming it is a quality source.  I use and recommend Juice Plus.

Next is the dreaded requirement of weight-loss: exercise. I prefer to call it FSA (fun, sweaty activity). Find something to do that is fun and makes you sweat.  Yoga is something that I really love along with hiking with my family and bulldog. When you find something you love, it’s no longer grueling or hard.

A few things I did NOT do are count calories or points or add toxic "weight-loss" products in my body. Counting things doesn’t teach you how to listen to your body or how to enjoy whole foods and life while achieving your wellness goals. Putting more toxins in your body from dangerous weight-loss products will create much bigger health issues down the road.  God gave us everything we need in nature to keep our body balanced.

Most importantly, I stopped worrying about what people would think if I didn't eat the same things they did. I respected myself and the body God gave me and decided to finally treat it like a temple (and stop treating it like a garage).

I’m in my early 50’s and have more energy and feel better now than I ever  did in my 30’s.

If you have some keys to your weight-loss success, I would love to hear what worked for you. Or if you need a little help, please call or email at


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