Can You Handle the Truth?

A couple years ago I discovered a great book called One Word that will change your life. The book inspired me to create a one word theme for my personal and professional life. My word this year is Truth!

As a chronic people pleaser, I sometimes avoid the truth. It’s not that I outright lie but it’s more I’m not being true to myself or being true to the person God called me to be. You truly cannot serve two masters; it’s either man or God.

When you try to be all things to all people, you start to become someone you are not. And know, you may not like this other person that you become. I’ve withheld truth from my friends and family far too long and realize this serves no one and could actually do harm in certain situations. We withhold truth to avoid hurting someone’s feelings but we must consider the truth may help them to grow.

So this year, it’s the year of truth. I’m speaking the truth in love. Someone close to me recently told me a truth that initially hurt me. She brought to light a character flaw that was causing others to hurt. However painful it was to hear, my love and respect for this person escalated beyond measure. My husband has always had the gift of speaking truth in love (although the delivery may lack gentleness at times).

Whatever method the truth is delivered, it creates an opportunity for growth as we typically grow the most through adversity. I’ve in turn shared my feelings/truth with people that I’ve kept hidden inside for years. Sharing my feelings has allowed me to trust and help others see me for who I really am.

Part of my truth journey is cleaning my house literally and figuratively. I’ve eliminated clutter from my home, office and mind. I’ve unsubscribed, unfriended, opted out of groups, events or services that no longer speak to my truth. When you are in constant response mode to email, texts and Messenger, you are living by other’s agendas and being controlled by their needs. Seeing the balance between serving and being a slave to others is where the balance lies.

I’ve also eliminated exposure to people in my life that aren’t of truth or are in alignment with my goals and mission. I’m protecting my God-time and sacred positive energy. We have to continually fill our cup/mind with messages of hope, positivity, love and abundance. My focus is on making a huge impact in the world. Therefore, I’m not accepting excuses or negativity from myself or others. Saying “no” to people and things that are not in alignment with my purpose means saying “YES!” to freedom (my word in 2016) and truth.

Truth is sincerity of actions and character, not just the absence of a lie. Truth is the self-expression of God. Be true to who God called you to be. He doesn’t call us to play small in this world. I challenge you to find your truth and step out in faith this year.

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