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Liquid Soap, Harmless or Hazardous?

Not too long ago while visiting a relative’s house, I began to wash my hands with the liquid soap provided in the attractive dispenser. After being taken a back by the strong perfume smell, and I tried to re-wash to remove the overpowering smell to no avail. Finally with the use of some vinegar, I

My 3-day Cleanse Journey – Day 2

Day 1 is done! So where do you think I struggled most? I caught myself in my daily habit of getting up from my desk to grab a snack. I realized that when I feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, I distract myself with a snack. Most of you know I am not grabbing a candy bar

My 3-day Cleanse Journey

It's day one of my 3-day cleanse which started with a 2.5 mile walk on July 4th. What a perfect day to celebrate freedom from toxins! Instead of focusing on what I won't be eating, I'm focusing on the benefits such as mental clarity, focus and increased energy. I prepared my body by eliminating meat

Can You Handle the Truth?

A couple years ago I discovered a great book called One Word that will change your life. The book inspired me to create a one word theme for my personal and professional life. My word this year is Truth! As a chronic people pleaser, I sometimes avoid the truth. It’s not that I outright lie

What is gluten and the associated health issues?

Gluten is a compound protein that composes about 80% of the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Gluten can be found in many things such as; chocolate, imitation crab (surimi), deli meats, soy sauce, and other sauces along with vitamins and even some toothpaste. Gluten is also used in caking agents, malt beverages and soups. If

Mango Bliss Balls

These treats are delicious for dessert or breakfast! The original recipe called for dried apricots but since I had dried mango on hand, I substituted.  Be sure to use organic for all ingredients as conventional fruits and nuts contains toxic preservatives. Nuts, especially walnuts, can also contain BHT as a preservative which has to been linked

Walnut Oil Vinaigrette Dressing

Want an deliciously different and healthier option for salad dressing with a few simple ingredients? Try walnut oil which is packed with an average of 1.77 g of Omega 3 per serving (1 Tbs). A Tablespoon of walnut oil contains about the same amount of omegas as a wild salmon fillet.  Walnut oil has a

Sweet & Sour Chicken with Brown Rice

Planning is the key to success when the goal is improving your health. Slow-cooking is an easy way to plan your week with healthy meals. Plan ahead by making one crockpot meal and one stovetop meal on the weekend to ensure you have good options throughout the week. This reduces the temptation to stop and