A New Year’s Day Tradition – Reflections

Something that my husband and I do together and I look forward to every year is sitting down on New Year’s Day and remembering the highlights of the past year.  I even create a special page in my journal to note these precious memories.

It is so enjoyable to relive the memories we have made which are sometimes as a couple or as a family.  Funny, they never seem to be about things we’ve purchased or promotions at work.  They all have to do with special moments and quality time together with each other and family. Several years ago we took our three children on a cruise and they had a blast.  We relive that event over and over.

This year consisted of a few simple things that were our highlights.  One day my husband and I made shrimp etouffee together for the first time.    It may sound silly but it was quite a task for us.  We worked together so well (which doesn’t always happen with projects-lol) and the meal turned out incredible.  It was so exciting to create something together and enjoy the rewards at the end.

Another memorable event was our trip to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with his girls.  We found some incredible restaurants, hiked Stone Mountain and visited the Aquarium.  All great quality time together!

Another new experience that my husband created was our Pay it Forward challenge.  We put some cash in envelopes with Christmas cards and drove around until we found someone that looked like they may need it.  We each took turns walking up to complete strangers and handing them the envelope.  It was very uncomfortable and awkward but we felt really good after.   The people we gave the envelopes to looked at us like we were crazy!  We gave an envelope with money to each of our kids and have asked them to hold on to it until God leads them to share with someone in need.  It was so cool when our youngest called told us that she found someone to give it to that had broke down on the road.  This is definitely a tradition that we will continue through the years!

My most recent highlight  is going home to Michigan to see my mom and family with my son.  At 20 years old, I am not able to see him or spend much time with him so every moment is precious.  And with my mom being 87 years young, I treasure each day that I have with her on this earth.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to reflect on the highlights of 2010 as we all have so much to be thankful for.  As the saying goes, in our last days on earth we’ll never wish we had worked more or accomplished more in our career.  We’ll only wish we had spent more time with the ones we love.

Love and blessings to you in creating memorable moments in 2011!

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