The Arrival

The Arrival

The day has finally arrived and I am excited beyond measure.  I train for 8 straight days (many 12 hour days) in Indianapolis to complete my certification as a Natural Health Professional.  I’ll be surrounded by amazing instructors and students from all over the world.  This will signify another important phase of my incredible journey as a wellness professional.  I can’t even imagine the doors that this will open with the education I receive not only from the instructors but from my fellow students/colleagues.  My new business cards have already been printed so my only option is to succeed. 

It was an uneventful drive to Indianapolis beside the fact that my GPS was left on Optimal Route.  Optimal means you end of driving through Federal Express parking lots to save a few miles.  I figured this out quickly and immediately corrected!

I have mixed emotions about spending 8 days in a hotel much less with someone I’ve never met.  However, being the social creature that I am, I am thrilled to share this adventure with another human being. 

Isabel is my roommate and from our time via email and the telephone, I knew she would be a blessing to share this adventure. God, as always, had his hand in connecting us.  

She was born in Columbia but lived in the LA area since she was 18 years old.  I’m guessing she is in her mid-fifties or early sixties.  She has an only child/son as well so we have that in common.  We shared the challenges, love and sometimes heartbreak that raising a child can bring. 

She has had the luxury of being mentored and works for a wellness guru who has been practicing for over 30 years.  She shared that California is full of wellness consultants (which I knew) and that some of them charge between $25 per hour and $225 based on their experience.  She shared the culture of the area she lives in and about the foods available and even raw food restaurants.  (It made me smile to think that Evansville could support a raw food restaurant.)

 She has been eating raw for years.  I had been contemplating taking this next step in my diet as learning to prepare raw food would be such a value to my cancer and chronic disease clients.  To date, I’ve been eating raw (minus 2 meals) for 7 days.  It is not as hard as I thought it would be (since I was primarily raw) and much less time consuming which I love!

 The Fitness Center is now open and calling me. Then off to Day 1 of Training (for 11.5 hours).  Prayers will be graciously accepted!

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