Speaking Topics

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Natural Solutions to Digestive Disorders
Most people underestimate the impact of gas, bloating and acid reflux on their health and immune function.   Learn what is really happening in your body and about specific digestive disorders, causes and safe, natural solutions to put the body back in balance.
45 minute PowerPoint presentation

Feed your Body, Feed Your Brain: How Food Impacts Your Mood, Thoughts, Life & Success
Have you stopped to think about how food impacts your brain? Most of us are bombarded with the risk/correlation of diet to disease like cancer, heart disease or stroke. However, no one is discussing how the toxins in our food impact our brain from hormone regulation to mood to productivity.  Learn what foods improve brain function and which ones are slowing it down. 

Working Women on the Go lunch & learn
Fun Q&A format to challenge your knowledge on health and natural weight-loss
45 minute Luncheon with game show Q&A format

Eat & Succeed for Professionals  - Get the Competitive Edge
Help your team understand the correlation between nutrition and success in their career and the company's bottom line.
Focus is on how food impacts not only physical but mental and emotional health.
30-45 minutes (good for lunch, community or professional meetings)

Race for Prevention, Don’t wait for a Cure – 8 Steps to Disease Prevention
Looking at 8 Key concepts in wellness to help the body heal naturally and build the immune system
May includes guest speakers/cancer survivors who use natural methods for healing.
45 minute PowerPoint presentation

Essential Oils 101
Learn how to safely use pure essential oils to support your holistic lifestyle. This is a hands-on class where guests will be able to use and experience the gift of essential oils provided by God and nature.
90 minute class

Your Body, Temple or Garage – 8 Steps to Maintaining the Temple
Learn the 8 Key concepts that God has provided to keep us healthy
30-45 presentation for Church or Bible study groups

Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal
Our food can be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. We will help you understand what’s in your food, the best foods for healing and what foods to avoid.
45 minutes

Losing Weight Naturally
Focus on weight-loss using whole foods and the 8 key concepts to wellness. So many men and women truly believe they are eating low-fat and healthy yet can’t understand why they are not losing weight. I will uncover the missing links and misconceptions of healthy eating and my success to permanent weight-loss.
45 minutes

Balancing Hormones Naturally 

Have you struggled with hormone imbalances? PCOS/Endometriosis? Infertility? Fatique? Depression? Even stress of finances that have spilled into your personal relationships?

Chance to Hope wants to offer the opportunity to learn easy and effective ways to not only tread above the water, but to soar with success. Learn how to make simple life-style adjustments that will make a big difference in your over-all well being.

Presentation by Dr. Bonnie Schnautz, ND and Courtney Nalin, founder of Chance to Hope.
45 minutes