How does coaching work?

Coaching can be in conjunction with traditional medical treatments or as an alternative to them. If you've found that your issues are going undiagnosed or that your doctor can't seem to help you another set of eyes looking at the whole picture (aka my health coaching) is a great idea! I'll look at your lifestyle/ nutrition and offer ways to improve those areas so that your body can return to balance and begin healing it's self like it is supposed to.

Do you have experience with [fill in the blank with a disease]?

Yes, I do work with individuals suffering from almost all health challenges, including cancer. However, I do not  treat  disease. Rather, I focus on healing the WHOLE body through whole foods nutrition and the healing just falls in to place once you body is able to properly function again.

If you continue looking at healing in terms of treating symptoms you'll always be chasing after and trying to cure one symptom after another. Symptoms are the body's cries for attention but the bigger picture which is what I focus on because in fixing the whole body all symptoms (and ailments for that matter) are resolved automatically.

What type of clients do you work with?

I work with clients who are willing to take responsibility for their own health. Ideal clients are open minded to alternative health methods and strategies and feel that they are their own best guide for what is best for their health and lifestyles. I educate and empower people to understand their body and the impact of food/nutrients in the body. The ages of my clients range from 18 months to 90 years young.

Do you accept insurance?

No. Insurance only pays for what is medically necessary, and unfortunately, improving your health and preventing disease isn’t usually covered by insurance.

Are you currently taking clients?

Because of the supportive philosophy of our program, I work with a limited number of clients at a time and may have a waiting list. However, this is my passion and not a job.  My mission is to serve as many as possible and will accomodate your schedule to better serve you.  Contact us  today to learn about availability and scheduling.

When can I expect results?

The standard answer is of course, results will vary based on individual characteristics and effort.  What you put into it is what you’ll get out of it.  However, most of our clients get results and usually get benefits they didn’t expect, such as increased energy, weight loss and feeling great.

Are your fees competitive?

Absolutely!  There are health coaches who charge much more than I do, and there are coaches who charge much less.  While providing top notch service, resources and information, I have kept my fees reasonable in light of the current economy and consistent with other health professionals.  My past clients often feel that my program is well worth the investment, and they would have paid much more for the value they received.  As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Maybe I should wait for a better time?

Nobody wants to waste their money. A few key questions may help you decide whether coaching would be worth it for you. How important is it to you to improve your health, reduce stress, increase your happiness, and take better care of yourself and your family? Consider the difference between the cost and the value of reaching your goals. Isn’t it amazing how we always can find the money for what we really want or need? There isn’t anything more important than feeling good. Prevention is the key to staying healthy and enjoying life. Think back to the last time you were sick and how you promised yourself that you’d take better care of yourself once you recovered. Now is the always the best time to take action and keep your promise to yourself.

What is a Health Coach?

I work with clients in helping them improve not only their diet and nutrition, but their overall health as well. I will help you focus on seeing the connection between what you eat, and how your lifestyle influences nutritional choices on a daily basis. I encourage my clients to consider how career, relationship, stress, and physical activity relate to overall health, wellness and diet. Clients are supported in reaching their individual goals and attaining a balanced lifestyle. I also am a Certified Natural Health Professional who has been educated in alternative health methods such as herbs, enzyme therapy, and nutrition.

Will I have to follow a diet, count calories, or measure portions?

This is the complete opposite of what I do. Rather, I empower clients to weed through media confusion and discover for themselves exactly what types of foods they thrive on, and which foods are having a negative impact on their health. My mission is to help clients make long term lifestyle changes that enable them to never again follow a diet.

Am I a good candidate?

I would love to work with you if you are looking to create lasting lifestyle changes and are not looking for a “quick fix”. If you are the type of person who follows through with commitments, coachable and are willing to take responsibility for your own success as well as challenges, then you would be an ideal client.

What should I expect from the program?

Expect to experience a very common-sense, step-by-step and supportive approach to improving your health.  Follow the recommendations and put forth your best effort and you will be sure to reach your goals!

If you are ready to get started in creating a new and improved you, click here to take the next step today.