Bach Flower Remedies - For emotional wellbeing, naturally

The Bach Flower Remedies are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions, such as, fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

The 38 Bach Flower Names & Remedies: An overview of Bach Remedies and their uses


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The Bach Flower Remedies use the gentle power of nature to help us to re-balance our thoughts and emotions. Each of the 38 Bach Remedies resonates with a different thought, feeling or emotion and works to gently bring that pattern back into balance. When combined they formulate your personal flower remedy made specifically for your needs.

Here is an overview of the flowers and some things they can help with:

Bach Flower Name/Remedy Category it focuses on For someone who is experiencing…
Agrimony OVERSENSITIVE Masking buried emotions, restlessness, allows you to let emotions go so healing can occur, seeks to disguise sensitive emotions by appearing cheerful and uncomplaining, helps fix a discrepancy between what people think inside compared to what they think others see
Aspen FEAR Fearful of the unknown – good for pregnancy when someone is experiencing anxiety – good for a newborn baby if the baby startles when they wake up
Beech OVER-CARING Judgmental, critical, intolerant, irritable - good for anger between siblings
Centaury OVERSENSITIVE Over-anxious to serve or to please, they are looking for and need approval, easily dominated, seeks to strengthen personality against others
Cherry Plum FEAR Struggling for control, need schedules, possible nervous breakdown, suicidal, fear of losing your mind – good for pregnancy for those that over plan the pregnancy–good for youth that feel like they need to micromanage–excellent for youth that are experiencing bed wetting, helps them gain control
Chestnut Bud DISINTERESTED Challenged by learning, helps you look beneath the surface for active learning, preoccupied with the future, fail to learn from experiences, careless
Chicory OVER-CARING Needy or over-nurturing, clingy personality, critical, for the bargaining child, for the mothering type that becomes possessive - excellent for pregnancy
Clematis DISINTERESTED Unfocused or a daydreamer, helps with abuse victims that are withdrawn so they may cope and heal – good for pregnancy for the daydreaming mom
Crab Apple DESPONDENT A perfectionist or feels flawed, good for cleansing – good for pregnancy so the body can let go of toxins – excellent for those having experienced sexual abuse or feel unclean, for those experiencing self-disgust
Elm DESPONDENT Temporarily overwhelmed or defeated – good for pregnancy
Gentian  UNCERTAINTY Pessimistic and discouraged, they feel like something is going to interfere with their success, helps with depression, eases thoughts of doubt
Heather LONELINESS Talkative about personal issues
Holly OVERSENSITIVE Angry, protective, and jealous – for those that protect with anger - good for pregnancy for those who tend to take their frustrations out on others
Honeysuckle DISINTERESTED Stuck in the past, helps to get a more realistic view of the past
Hornbeam UNCERTAINTY Procrastinating, lacks strength, hopeless, uncertain about the ability to cope
Impatients LONELINESS Impatient and hurried, allows you to slow down and be patient – good for babies who do not want to miss anything so it is hard for them to fall asleep – good for learning difficulties when someone needs to quiet the mind to focus
Larch UNCERTAINTY Feeling incapable, great for those that need to boost their self esteem
Mimulus FEAR Fearful of known things, oversensitive to crowds, sounds or stimulus – clears accident emotions - good for pregnancy where there is a specific known fear
Mustard DISINTERESTED Depressed without cause – good for teenagers experiencing depression
Oak DISINTERESTED Dutiful and determined beyond physical limits, can get discouraged by load
Olive DISINTERESTED Exhausted and overworked, life is too hard and without pleasure, possible nervous breakdown – good for pregnancy to help you rest better
Pine DESPONDENT Guilty and regretful, helps release guilt due to abuse situations
Red Chestnut FEAR Anxious about others’ well-being, for those that anticipate trouble – good for new parents that are overly concerned about the well-being of the child
Rock Rose FEAR Paralyzed with fear or in shock, terror, panic, hysteria, good for nightmares
Rock Water OVER-CARING A rigid, self-disciplined example to others, strict and deny themselves
Scleranthus UNCERTAINTY Torn between extremes or choices, having trouble making decisions – also good for morning sickness and pregnancy – good for teenagers experiencing mood swings
Star of Bethlehem DESPONDENT Grieving or suffering loss, helps to heal emotional wounds no matter how old the wound – good for the entire family after a traumatic birth/death
Sweet Chestnut DESPONDENT Lacking faith or has hit rock bottom, those in ultimate despair, feel terrible anguish and are self-destructive – topical application relieves sciatic nerve pain – for newborns, baby who is learning to sleep alone or being left alone and panics
Vervain OVER-CARING Outspoken with strong views, too enthusiastic, trying too hard and need to settle down, have a strong will and becomes overbearing – excellent for teens who have something to say but feel like they are not being heard saying “It is just not fair!” or “Nobody understands!” - helps with those getting headaches
Vine OVER-CARING Bossy, controlling, lacks sympathy, they think their way is the only way
Walnut OVERSENSITIVE Adjusting to change, overly impressionable, allows you to let go of old ways of doing things and embrace change – excellent for pregnancy – excellent for youth trying to get through peer pressure situations
Water Violet LONELINESS Aloof and self-sufficient, helps to open up the personality for interaction
White Chestnut DISINTERESTED Busy headed or worried too much, feeling like your never getting anywhere, also great for bedtime to quiet the brain
Wild Oat UNCERTAINTY Torn between many options or spread too thin, a great path finder
Wild Rose DISINTERESTED Disinterested and resigned and can sit on the side lines and watch life go by – good for teenagers that seem indifferent when making choices
Willow DESPONDENT Victimized and blaming, used for anyone that has had their choice taken away, helps victims feel in control again – helps youth in making wise choices
* Written By: Dayla Kay Kohler BAS, BAP, CNHP

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