Homemade Dishwasher Detergent with Essential Oils

I have great intentions to be more “green,” by making homemade cleaning products, but most days, time doesn’t permit. I always buy as green as possible but taking time to purchase and create these concoctions is a rare treat. I finally got some time this weekend, so I used it wisely to create a homemade dishwasher detergent.  I researched several websites to determine which detergent recipe was the best.  I chose the recipe with essential oils in the ingredient list because I love the way the oils smell, and the oils add an extra cleaning boost!  Orange and lemon essential oils are both uplifting. I found most of the ingredients at our neighborhood Menard’s store.

Dishwashing Soap Ingredients

Borax, Washing Soda, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Orange & Lemon Essential Oils

Here is the recipe and amounts:

  • 2 cups of Borax
  • 2 cups of Washing Soda
  • 1 cup of Citric Acid (look in the canning area)
  • 1 cup of Sea Salt or Kosher
  • 10 drops of orange essential oil
  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil

I used a 1 gallon plastic bucket that my coconut oil comes in to mix the ingredients and to store the detergent.  Lesson learned: Place the bucket under the vent, as the fine powder is irritating when pouring and mixing.

  • Add all the ingredients and mix thoroughly.
  • Leave the lid off for a few hours to allow the mixture to dry.
  • Place a plastic spoon or small scoop inside and use about 1 Tablespoon per load.

My husband thought I was a little goofy because I was so excited about this, but I had good reasons to be excited! I saved money and helped save the earth! Who doesn’t get excited about saving money and the earth?



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