Top 13 Wellness Gift Ideas

Struggling to find the perfect gift for the hard to buy for?  I'd like to share my most cherished wellness products and services that I love and use daily.  These tools have literally transformed my health and my clients plus make being healthy so easy.

Share this list with your loved ones for a subtle hint or ensure it is in your wellness regimen by  purchasing one for are worth it!

This shopping can be accomplished from the comfort of your home.  No fighting crowds, burning fossil fuels or wasting precious hours of your time. Contact us if we can help at or calling 812-473-2502.

1. Vitamix.  Oh, how you have made my life in the kitchen simpler and much more fun.  I used to despise being in the kitchen, as I hated to cook.  Vitamix is a all in one tool that does it all from freezing "nice" cream to heating soup in one container. Learn more or order here.

It also acts as a food processor so you can cut the salad greens/cabbage and make the dressing in it as well.  If that wasn't enough the beautiful, full color, freestanding recipe books are worth the price alone.  Backed with a full 7 year warranty makes it my number one wellness gift.

Watch my How to Make a Green Smoothie video using a Vitamix too.

2. Essential Oils

These gifts from God have supported our holistic options for emotional balance and a way to replace toxic air fresheners. They provide a fun and safe way to teach our children natural forms to support the body. We have essential oil products to place in the stockings or full kits. We can fit any budget with prices ranging from $10-$200.

3. Chi Machine.  Fifteen minutes equals 90 minutes of walking from an oxygenation standpoint.  Need I say more?  I use mine twice a day each morning and each evening.  I call it my “lazy woman” exercise machine.  It supports my spine (scoliosis), discomfort and stimulates the lymphatic system to safely detox.  It is great for stress reduction, improved sleep and weight-loss. The original Chi Machine is a class one medical device so be sure to look for the H.T.E. brand which I use and endorse.

4. Infrared Pad A portable source of heat and healing that I don’t leave home without.  Regular heating pads heat the outside of the body, Far Infrared Ray heat penetrates 2-3 inches into the subcutaneous tissue.  I also use this with my pets as well to relieve joint pain.

5. Infrared Dome The Far Infrared Dome is similar to the pad except it is about fives times as powerful.  It emits about 9-11 microns which is so powerful it can detox heavy metals from the body.  The FIR pad emits 2-3.  The dome provides improved circulation as well as pain relief.  If you want to try before you buy, schedule a session with us.  I use all three modalities together which includes the Chi Machine, Infrared pad on the back and the Infrared Dome on the front of the body.  It feels like a slice of heaven on earth!

6. Inversion Table.  A few minutes a day is an easy way to relieve back pain and pressure.  I use mine daily and own the Teeter brand.

7. Essential Oil Cold Air Diffusers  Cold air diffusers use the therapy grade essential oils and release them into the air to be used by they body.  The cold air process helps maintain the therapeutic value of the essential oil unlike heat diffusers that destroy.  The diffuser creates a spa like atmosphere with these wonderful aromas in your home that help heal without the toxic chemicals that synthetic air fresheners emit.

8. Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil  Coconut oil is a wonderful heat stable cooking oil (unlike olive oil) that has a long list of health and even weight-loss benefits.  The best part is that it also makes an excellent body moisturizer.

9. Q Link Pendant EMF Protection Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are transmitted from wireless networks, phones, tablets, PC’s and all electronic devices.  Exposure to EMF’s can impact sleep, energy, emotional balance and productivity.  I’ve been using these for years and wouldn’t be around technology without it.  I used to feel drained at the end of the day after working at my computer and now I remain energized!

10. QLink Clear EMF Protection – These are great stocking stuffers and protection for your children and grandchildren that will last a lifetime. It is the same protection as the pendant but adheres to your electronic device. It supports your body’s natural defenses against EMF’s. Read more on the studies here.

11. Juice Plus Shakes & Chewables.  These products get rave reviews from simplicity and the taste buds.  These make great stocking stuffers instead of candy and great for active teens and college students.  Give a pack to your mail carrier or hairdresser as a healthy and delicious thank you gift.

12. Massage Therapy. How do I love thee, let me count the ways!  Massage Therapy is not a once a year luxury.  It should be part of your regular health maintenance program to receive at least monthly. The benefits are endless from relieving aches and pain, detox and building the immune system.  If you don’t have a favorite massage therapist, ask a friend who sees one regularly or contact us for a local referral.

13. Wellness Gift Certificates from B Renewed.  Consider a Hair Mineral Tissue testing and 24-Hour Urinalysis combo, Food Intolerance Testing for weight-loss or a Comprehensive Wellness Review. Stop throwing stuff at the wall (your body) to see what sticks! Improving energy, and dropping excess weight are easy once you know what's out of balance.  Find out both through nutritional testing by purchasing a gift certificate today. Call 812-473-2502 or email


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