From a Small Business Owner to Another, Lessons Learned.

Over the past ten months since opening the B Renewed Wellness Center, it has been a journey of learning and growth. On most days, that growth would be better described as severe growing pains with the emphasis on severe and pain! You know the saying, “what doesn’t kill us makes us better,” right? So obviously, I must be a much better person for having experienced and (so far) survived my almost first full year as a brick and mortar business owner.

I started B Renewed Wellness Solutions five years ago, consulting out of my home office. With four years under my belt, moving into a retail location didn't seem to be a drastic change. Boy, was I wrong! Moving into a business facility takes you into a whole new league.

So let me start by confessing what I perceived was the typical life of a business owner. I thought they spent half the year at their beach home or jet setting around the world from the millions made from their businesses. I also assumed business owners sat back in their office and directed their staff in making everything happen. And I assumed that customers showed up in droves and as scheduled.

What I didn’t understand was the financial expense of running a brick and mortar business, with insurances, taxes and overhead. The time commitment was another area that I completely underestimated. I didn’t realize the time and energy I would spend being a banker, an accountant, a human resource manager and a maintenance worker instead of a wellness consultant. I knew business owners had to wear many hats but didn’t realize how much time these other roles stole from the passion and energy of your God-given gifts.

I’ve learned that no matter how strong your team is, no one really cares about your business like you do. You are the one who sacrifices vacation time, holidays and most weekends. Employees don’t have the blood, sweat and tears in the game like you do. You are the one that would do this every day for little or no pay, and in reality, sometimes you do.

However, all this learning and growth happened for a reason, so please know I’m not complaining. These are all just challenges in life and I do love a good challenge.  We learn by experience and through doing life.  I needed to learn about the realities of a business owner and entrepreneur to further shape my world with the hope to be able to someday “pay it forward”. Respecting what others have built, whether it is an empire or a small start-up, is important. It is all part of the honor of living in the land of the free.

The true message here is to show my respect and appreciation for all those who have set out to create a business and persevered through the good, bad and the ugly times.  I can honestly tell you that I’ve wanted to throw in the towel on many a day. But God set me down this path and the path He puts you on is never easy. The trials and challenges in life shape us to become better leaders and better servants.

If you are a business owner, please accept my apologies for my erroneous thoughts about your life. I now know the truth is that you have slept little, worried much, and paid dearly physically, mentally and financially to live the American dream.

As a way to reach out and help others, I've created a private Facebook Group called Entrepreneurs/Small Business Support. It is for those who need support, guidance or just an ear that will listen. As a small business owner, we need to support each other as much as possible. More importantly, if I can share my lessons learned and save you the pain I endured, I want to do just that.



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