Client Successes

Success stories are so nice to read and share. We are grateful for the opportunity to help our clients change to a healthier lifestyle.

Bonnie, you have been such a help & inspiration to me! It has been exactly one year since I first came to see you and I want you to know that I feel wonderful! Because of you, Juice Plus, enzymes & healthy eating, I have lost 40 lbs and kept it off!! Joint pain is at a minimum & digestive system is great! Keep up the amazing work you are doing!

— Lynn Curtis

Bonnie helped me take action through her supportive and passionate health coaching. Although I did loose 15 pounds during the 10 or so weeks, the most significant health change for me was my muscle and joint pain was reduced by 40%. Prior to consulting Bonnie, my muscles and joints ached so much that I had difficulty walking, and I had generalized pain and stiffness with no known cause. I felt like I was acting like I was 84 instead of 54. After following an organic whole food diet for just two weeks, my fingers weren’t as stiff, I could stand up from a sitting position without grunting and groaning, and my coworkers even commented that I was moving and walking better. As I continue with the live style changes I learned from Bonnie, my pain level is still at least 50 – 60% less than it was and I am walking more and exercising longer, and I am still loosing weight. I appreciate the individulaized assistance Bonnie outlined for me, and I highly recommend her – especially to those who think they already know a lot about health, but have not been moved to action.

— Donna Gish

Took the Healthy Shopping Tour with Bonnie Schnautz of BRenewed with Bonnie Schnautz tonight. My eyes are opened to the lies of the food industry. I’ve said it before…eating good-for-you, healthy food should not be so hard. Luckily, she is amazing at breaking it all down and I am armed with knowledge. Much healthier choices from here on out!

— Nicole Neff, Chandler, IN

Bonnie, I love love love my Enzymes….I feel great and my stomache is flat 🙂 You Rock!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…for teaching me how to get healthy and balance my body!!!!!

— Jill M Evansville, IN

When I started with Bonnie my goal was to balance my emotions, get healthier and lose a few pounds. I rated my stress level an 8 and now (3 months later) it’s about a 3. My over all attitudes are better due to how I learned to manage and reduce stress and I truly understand the role of whole food and how it impacts stress. I have also managed to get off of all the medications that I was on; as well keep from going on another medication my doctor wanted me on due to some health concerns. I am now able to reapply for some insurance that was previously too expensive with a real chance of a normal or preferred rate when I apply later this year. Your program is a total wellness approach and not just nutrition education.

I’ve been able to get off my medication, my energy level has increased, my attitude is good and I’ve dropped a few pounds. I would highly recommend this program to anyone concerned about your health and the type of food you may be eating. It has been great, Bonnie is a true professional and easy to work with.

— Danny Howard President PDR of Lexington

Good news today! Triglycerides are down from last year and my good cholesterol is up! All other stats are pretty much the same and in good shape. Thanks for all the help! (Never thought someone would tell me to eat yummy food to help my stats / good cholesterol ! )

— Toni M, Evansville, IN

Within eight weeks of working with Bonnie I lost 12 pounds and by the 12th week I was able to eliminate my cholesterol lowering and high blood pressure medications (supported by my doctor). I also kicked my four-five diet sodas per day habit.

In additional, I eliminated the majority of processed foods by preparing meals at home and being very selective when dining out.

I am a very young senior (I’m not talking high school) who has many dreams and ideas to contribute to the world. Now I have the fuel to fulfill them!

— Wendell E. Henderson, KY

Since my 15 yr old son starting Juice Plus a few months ago, I’ve noticed significant improvement in his health. He is active in sports and typically ends up with colds, severe congestion, headaches and sore throat this time of year. Thanks to Juice Plus, he no longer experiences these symptoms!

— D.Hartman, Evansville, IN

Thank you so much for all the great information and advice you have given me in recent months. As a direct result I have increased my raw produce intake by about 100%, started to exercise weekly, make raw green smoothies on a daily basis.
As a direct result of your influence we now have a organic produce buying club at Naeraes.

— Travis Toon, Store Manager, Naerae’s Naturally Organic Food, Mt. Vernon, IN

I learned so much from your “Healing Oils of the Bible” presentation. It is truly a blessing to have been introduced to the biblical uses of the essential oils and to learn how to use them as God intended. The oils are now a part of our daily routine. I never knew staying healthy could be so enjoyable! God bless you for sharing this invaluable information.

— Rita J, Evansville, IN

Bonnie, your nutrition class has made an incredible change in my life. The health benefits I’ve gained from what I have learned are now part of my daily lifestyle. I honestly do not know what you could have added to your class to make more of a positive difference in my life. My goal was to learn about nutrition but I also ended up losing 9 pounds

— Owen Small, Evansville, IN

Bonnie helped me understand the whys and incredibly putting her plan into action has helped in two short months with my allergies and my energy levels. I really have lost the sugar cravings and feel so much more in control of my life. Her coaching would benefit anyone whether they have a particular problem/illness they need help with or just overall for a happier, healthier life!

— Carolyn S. Evansville, IN

Bonnie is a wealth of information. Through the years I had read so many books, gone to the health food store, ordered vitamins, and thought I understood the healthy choices. I just did not really understand why so I continued to make some unhealthy choices thinking they would not really make that much difference. Bonnie helped me understand the whys and incredibly putting her plan into action has helped in two short months with my allergies and my energy levels. I really have lost the sugar cravings and feel so much more in control of my life. Her coaching would benefit anyone whether they have a particular problem/illness they need help with or just overall for a happier healthier life.

— Carolyn Keeney

I am working with Bonnie right now-and I Love her and her knowledge- I am learning so so much-things i’d never thought of.

— Sandra Tillis Reising

Bonnie is great to work with. She is very knowledgeable and is a great support to help anyone regain health.

— Lori Cuda

Expect generous and wise counsel from Bonnie at B-Renewed. I’m in training to be a health coach, and I chose Bonnie as a model of how to do it right. I am learning so much from her example, and hope to follow in her footsteps someday. Meanwhile she’s helping me to walk the talk and make my own healthy choices.

— Bette J. Boersma

Bonnie is a great person – VERY knowledgeable and willing to support and guide everyone to improve their health and wellness!

— Kim | Slim Down For Life

I truly understand which foods heal. I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and had to miss a few days of work each month because of my health. After only 3 weeks of coaching with Bonnie, I have more energy than I have had in years. I was able to go shopping again for almost an entire day plus I haven’t had to miss a day of work. My husband and sister are amazed at my progress. I have lost weight as well! Now, I truly understand which foods heal and which harm my body.

— Janice M., Evansville, IN

I started the program in what I thought pretty good shape but my energy level wasn’t bad but there were many days when I just felt sluggish. I ranked my energy level at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest. With Bonnie’s help I was able to identify what I needed to change in order to achieve my goal of a feeling of well-being through out the day. By the end of the program I was consistently at a 9. I was able to do more in the evening instead of just laying on the couch. My outlook on life is much more positive instead of just the same old daily grind. Thanks Bonnie for your help.

— Delores D. Evansville, IN

Loving the new Elite Membership program!! Very timely wellness information that I can easily implement into my daily routine. Thank you for providing this option to learn from someone who ‘walks the talk’.

I’ve already lost 15 pounds just by meeting with Bonnie one time and by subscribing to her ELITE membership calls. She provides easy tips that can be implemented quickly that get results fast!

— Amy Kinkel Adams| Graphic Designer & Co-owner of Kickin & Screamin Designs

I started the 7-day detox Bonnie gave us in the Elite call, and I already can tell my physical energy level is up, including my stamina for my busy schedule. And I have already lost 6 lbs. from the cleanse. Thanks Bonnie!

She takes a genuine concern for each of her clients! Bonnie’s knowledge continues to impress me everytime I work with her. From increasing energy, to weight loss, to chronic disease prevention, her teaching methods are clear and straightforward, and she takes a genuine concern for each of her clients whether it is one on one coaching or group coaching. She is an incredible asset to anyone looking to improve their personal wellness program.

— Cathy B., RN, Salt Lake City, UT

By the 4th week my energy level was strong! When I first started working with Bonnie I had no energy, digestion issues and frequent migraines. By the fourth week, my energy level was strong, digestion issues and migraines almost nonexistent. I really felt we were eating healthy but learned so much from the coaching. The best part is that I am be able to pass this knowledge and lifestyle down to my children and have a positive impact on their lives.

— Marilyn R. Evansville, IN

I highly recommend Bonnie if you are looking for results. I am impressed with her knowledge and professionalism as it pertains to nutrition and wellness. I have referred many clients to her and have partnered with her on several wellness workshops. She truly has a gift to help others.

— Rachel Toon, RN and owner of NaeRea’s Organic Food Store

I’ve only been meeting with Bonnie for a couple weeks and I can’t believe how much better I feel already. The increased energy and the weight-loss has been an incredible benefit as well. I have tried so many diets and had almost given up. Her program is easy and it works!

Losing weight and improving your health is such a personal journey. Bonnie’s positive attitude and personal approach is a guiding force to my success (lost 72 lbs). This is what the other weight-loss programs are lacking.

— Laurie Seals, Director of Children’s Programs, Evansville ARC

The road to health is a personal journey, and we treat each client with discretion and privacy. Occasionally, a client will encourage us to share their story, so that others may see how they have transformed their health through knowledge and a higher level of nutrition and self-care. After all, seeing is believing!

Jane's story paints a compelling contrast between treating symptoms with drugs and taking personal action through nutrition.

I had seen a medical doctor to remove some precancerous spots. The post surgical medication recommended had created horrible lesions on my legs so I contacted Dr. Bonnie.

After the fourth month of working with her my legs had almost completely healed and as an added bonus I've dropped 42 pounds. Before working with Dr. Bonnie, my sugar cravings were so bad, I almost feel like I've overcome an addition as well. 


Most importantly I've learned what foods were harming my body like soft drinks and gluten and what foods would heal.

Dr Bonnie also helped me to recognize things that were wrong with my body that I thought was normal. I am speaking of a gas problem that I had but didn't even know was a problem. I just thought that it was normal to have a lot of gas after eating fruits and vegetables.

Since I started taking the Juice Plus, it has solved my runny nose problem. I was always reaching for a tissue, but very seldom do I have to do that now. Dr. Bonnie made me so much more aware of what is going on with my body. I am just so glad that I found Dr. Bonnie.

Jane M., Evansville, IN


Laurie Seals asked us to share the following story...


Losing weight and improving your health is such a personal journey. Bonnie’s positive attitude and personal approach is a guiding force to my success (lost 72 lbs). This is what the other weight-loss programs are lacking.— Laurie Seals, Director of Children’s Programs, Evansville ARC

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