My 3-day Cleanse Journey – Day 2

Day 1 is done! So where do you think I struggled most? I caught myself in my daily habit of getting up from my desk to grab a snack. I realized that when I feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious, I distract myself with a snack. Most of you know I am not grabbing a candy bar or cookie (we eat predominantly whole, clean) but, eating when your body doesn't need food is not healthy! So how did I cope knowing that I couldn't grab a snack? I decided to try some deep breathing and downloaded a meditation app. I believe this is a new healthy habit that I will incorporate long after the cleanse.

As far as detox symptoms, I dropped a couple pounds (toxins!) and had a few minor headaches throughout the day as well. My tongue has the usual thick white coating which is a sure sign of detoxing. But overall, I had great clarity and focus. My overall sense of well-being has improved. Less anxious. More calm.

My sugar cravings have subsided much faster than I imagined as well. The dark chocolate bar stashed in my freezer is no longer calling me!

The biggest benefit was not having to think about what we are having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Then you have prep time, cook time and cleanup, so time savings was an unexpected positive benefit.

I was also blessed that my husband joined me, so the temptations were not there. If I had to prepare a meal for someone else, I'm sure it would have been a bit more challenging. If you have children heading to summer camp or, your hubby is traveling, this would be a great time to try a cleanse/fast.

I'm not sure I can say it was easy but, it wasn't that hard. When you are drinking juice every 2 hours from 7am to 7pm, it helps you focus on that task. I rewarded myself at the end of the day with an organic bubble bath and some lavender essential oil. Sending a positive message to the brain is important when tackling something new or a bit more challenging then the norm.


My 3-day Cleanse Journey

It's day one of my 3-day cleanse which started with a 2.5 mile walk on July 4th. What a perfect day to celebrate freedom from toxins! Instead of focusing on what I won't be eating, I'm focusing on the benefits such as mental clarity, focus and increased energy.

I prepared my body by eliminating meat and increased my consumption of fresh, raw organic fruits and vegetables. If you consume alcohol, caffeine or dairy on a regular basis, I  would eliminate these products a few days before as well. Except for an occasional (organic) ice cream, I swore off these vices years ago. However, with dark chocolate, I still have issues!

I typically make my own juices but due to time constraints and the fact I sold my juicer a few years back (in lieu of a Vitamix), I purchased the organic juices from a local company called Sunshine Juice. I'm not being paid to endorse their products, I just wanted to share my experience with others. Their cleanse consists of seven juices per day which you consume every two hours.

It's been several years since my husband and I fasted. He is a great support as he offered to join me...with modifications (as he tossed the pound of grass-fed beef back in the freezer). His modified liquid diet will consist of using our favorite plant-based powder, Juice Plus Complete, with almond milk. We've used the shakes for several years (love them) and this is what I will transition to prior to starting back on whole food.

I remember how much fun with had with it last time as we started to get a little slap happy around the second and third day. Watching television wasn't a good idea as we realized almost every commercial promoted food! Even though most of it isn't stuff we would ever eat, it all started to look good. We decided that reading was our best bet and I spent lots of time in prayer and meditation.

For me, this isn't about weight loss, although I put on a few extra pounds over the winter. Cleansing is more for the emotional and spiritual aspects of my life. Spending time with my creator without distractions is my ultimate goal.

Mango Bliss Balls

These treats are delicious for dessert or breakfast! The original recipe called for dried apricots but since I had dried mango on hand, I substituted.  Be sure to use organic for all ingredients as conventional fruits and nuts contains toxic preservatives. Nuts, especially walnuts, can also contain BHT as a preservative which has to been linked to increased risk of cancer. Dried fruits may contain sulphur dioxide (sulfites) which has been linked to respiratory issues.  The #1 Rule is to read ingredient labels and buy organic!

1 c of dried organic apricots or mango

1 c. pitted dates

1/2 c raw organic almonds

1/2 c raw organic cashews

1/2 c raw organic walnuts

Set aside 1/2-2/3 cup of pure shredded organic coconut flakes

Place all the items in a bowl (except coconut flakes) and pour boiling water over until covered.  Let soak for 15 minutes, drain and add to a food processor.  Mix until everything is finely chopped. Roll into small balls and roll in coconut. Store in the refrigerator.  Makes about 20-30 balls (depending on the size that you roll them).


Week 6: Enjoy sugar without being a slave to it – 52 Weeks of Wellness

Last week we learned about some of the ugly truths about sugar, this week we'll look at some foods to help you with the sweet cravings and some ways to still indulge without harming yourself or worsening the sugar cravings you already have.

Curb the crave

Plant-based proteins like nuts, nut butters are great to curb the sugar cravings because they fill you up and help to stabilize blood sugar. Grab a tablespoon or two of almond butter or a small handful (1/4 c) of walnuts or almonds the next time you think of reaching for a sweet treat.

Other clean sources of plant-protein work to kill the cravings, like sunflower or pumpkin seeds. These also supply essential fatty acids which help kick the cravings and are great for you.

When you curb the sugar cravings with healthier options you'll feel so much better and your body will be balanced instead of the high and then low crash. Plus, you'll also be able to enjoy occasional healthier sweet treats again without the urge to devour the entire cake or box of chocolates.

Sweet Indulgence

One treat I love is Chocolate Juice Plus Complete which I use to make a chocolate shake or homemade energy bars. The reason I feel the JPC is superior is because of the ingredients from ancient grains such as amaranth, quinoa and millet along with rice, high fiber and tofu. The sweeteners used are a blend of cane juice, fructose, monkfruit and stevia.

In the winter, baked pairs or apples sprinkled with cinnamon are the perfect dessert. Another of my favorites is Chocolate Mousse made with tofu. I tricked my hubby one night and served this after he told me he’d never eat tofu. Because it tastes like the most delicious chocolate mousse ever, he loved it-- but he WAS quite surprised to find out he just ate tofu! This is a wonderful healthy Valentine’s Day dessert too!

Your Action Step for Week 6: Make a new healthy dessert (don’t tell them it’s healthy) to show your family some serious LOVE. Then come here and dish the details to us in the comments below!

Week 5: SUGAR: How sweet it is…NOT – 52 Weeks of Wellness

February is all about sugar, natural and chemical. So, before you sink your teeth in to some Valentines Day treats consider these numbers:

80% of women I meet with struggle with sugar cravings. Through my 24 Hr Urinalysis testing we often find the body is deficient in its ability to break down carbohydrates due to an excess over their lifetime and deficiency in enzyme production.

90% of the children I've tested as young as 5 years are also found to be enzyme deficient and lacking in their ability to break down carbohydrates and that should really concern us.

Sugars & Carbs = Energy

Remember, carbs/ sugars also include the healthy stuff like fruits and veggies. So you see how crucial the ability to break down and assimilate these nutrients is?

Your Action Step this week: Start tracking your food intake (time of day) along with craving times. You can then correlate the food you eat that may trigger the sweet cravings and keep us posted below. Next week we’ll look at ways to alleviate them.