Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching that is accessible to anyone, anywhere

Experience the PERSONAL touch to redesign your wellness lifestyle and get results that last a lifetime.

Conventional treatment for our disease only addresses the symptoms instead of root causes. Nutrition, digestion, supplementation and detox all support a healthy balanced body and immune function.

Many of us spend hours planning our vacation but how much time and money have you spent helping you and your family prevent disease?

To make the decision to start feeling renewed today!

Step 1: Personal Health Assessment

Via telephone or video conferencing, an initial consultation helps us understand your needs and goals, and establish subsequent actions to achieve success in reaching your goals. Please allow up to 60 minutes. More details are available here or Schedule an Initial Consultation

Step 2: Nutritional Testing

Based on your health issues and expressed goals, we determine which tests would be beneficial in understanding underlying nutrition-related causes that need to be addressed. Not all tests are required for every individual. Once your nutritional testing is completed, you can schedule a session to review your test results. Schedule a Test Results Review

Step 3: Follow-up Consultation and Action Plan

We work with you to establish the right course of action to help you achieve your wellness goals. Follow-up actions may include private coaching to review your progress and encourage greater success through accountability. Clients who participate in private coaching, via video/phone conferencing have the highest rates of success. Schedule a Follow-up Consultation.

Step 4: Follow-up Nutritional Testing

Using your original tests as a benchmark, we establish your progress toward achieving your goals through changes in your test results. Schedule a Follow-up Consultation.

Office Visits Are Not Required

We work with clients throughout the USA, using videoconferencing to meet in a virtual session. Use your internet-connected device, computer, tablet, or smartphone to join a video conference. If that doesn't work for you, we can also consult with your over the telephone. This works perfectly for people with hectic schedules, live in remote areas, or are frequent travelers.

Email with questions or call 812-473-2502.

She has a gift to help others …
“I highly recommend Bonnie if you are looking for results. I am impressed with her knowledge and professionalism as it pertains to nutrition and wellness. I have referred many clients to her and have partnered with her on several wellness workshops. She truly has a gift to help others.

- Rachel Toon, RN and owner of Naerea’s Organic Food Store

Private Wellness Consulting Accessible from Anywhere

Using high quality videoconferencing services, you can get the help you need today without costly travel or inconvenience.

  • Simple and Quick Installation
  • Easy to Use
  • High Quality Video and Audio
  • Also works with Phones and Tablets

Use these convenient links to schedule a remote consultation session.