Speaking Topics

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Natural Solutions to Digestive Disorders
Most people underestimate the impact of gas, bloating and acid reflux on their health and immune function.   Learn what is really happening in your body and about specific digestive disorders, causes and safe, natural solutions to put the body back in balance.
45 minute PowerPoint presentation

Eat & Succeed for Professionals  - Get the Competitive Edge
Help your team understand the correlation between nutrition and success in their career and the company's bottom line.
Focus is on how food impacts not only physical but mental and emotional health.
30-45 minutes (good for lunch, community or professional meetings)

Fight Cancer with Your Fork

Understanding the powerful role of diet in cancer prevention, prevention of recurrence, and support during or after treatment. Based on thousands of scientific studies, this lecture highlights research on diet and cancer.
45 minute PowerPoint presentation

Your Body, Temple or Garage – 8 Steps to Maintaining the Temple
Learn the 8 Key concepts that God has provided to keep us healthy
30-45 presentation for Church or Bible study groups

Shred10 Cleanse & Detox Program
Shred10 is a 10 day jumpstart to a healthy living lifestyle. Focus is on whole food diet, sleep, stress reduction and exercise. Smoothies and samples provided.
30 minutes

Balancing Hormones Naturally 

Have you struggled with hormone imbalances? PCOS/Endometriosis, Infertility, Fatigue, Depression, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, PMS, Weight Gain are just some of the symptoms of hormone imbalances. Learn natural solutions to support your body.
45 minutes