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Religious Freedom and Christian Health Fellowship As a member, CHF would be pleased to send a letter on your behalf to any person or organization that questions your natural health beliefs, stating applicable laws if needed, and assisting in clearing up misunderstandings of your religious freedom. For more info:   For more local resource information and for some of my own handouts and free references click here. Clients always ask me about buying the products I use and recommend so I've also compiled a listing of product recommendations for your online shopping convenience here.

“By the 4th week my energy level was strong!” “When I first started working with Bonnie I had no energy, digestion issues and frequent migraines. By the fourth week, my energy level was strong, digestion issues and migraines almost nonexistent. I really felt we were eating healthy but learned so much from the coaching. The best part is that I am be able to pass this knowledge and lifestyle down to my children and have a positive impact on their lives.”

Marilyn R. Evansville, IN