We live in a world where even the healthiest of foods we buy are depleted of essential nutrients and our bodies are overwhelmed with disruptions that we did not face even fifty years ago. To achieve optimum health, you need to support your healthy diet with energy and immunity boosting supplements that support your healthy lifestyle. BRenewed only recommend products that we trust, so that you can trust them, too.

Recommended Products:

Chi Machines and Infrared Equipment

I own and use mine daily.  For more details about this equipment or free demo, please contact us.


I use and recommend the Vitamix for juicing and blending. It is seen in my green smoothie video and various other demonstrations I've done. For more info on the Vitamix and to get special BRenewed discounts click here.

Juice Plus+

I use and often recommend Juice Plus+® to my wellness clients, friends and family that are on the go and have a hard time getting enough fruits and vegetables in to their diets.

To find out how Juice Plus+ can improve your nutrition and wellness and to learn how you can get these for children for free click here.

Race For Prevention: 8 Steps to Cancer Prevention Ebook

40 plus pages of holistic cancer & disease prevention information, statistics, dietary recommendations, foods & additives to avoid, plus reference and resource guide. Ordering info, sample pages and more info can be found here.

Bach Remedies and Resources

For more information click here.

Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

For more information click here.