Vitamix: For juicing, smoothies and more.


With a Vitamix everything is done in just MINUTES with NO ATTACHMENTS! The Vitamix is he ultimate wellness kitchen appliance. This amazing machine performs over 50 different culinary jobs with ease—and can easily replace 10 kitchen appliances.

How you benefit from using a Vitamix? 90% of nutrients are assimilated by juicing versus 30%. You can look better, lose weight, feel better and have a lot more time and energy to enjoy life!

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“Love the Vitamix! We’re finally getting the daily fruits and veggies we need, so easily – it’s really been great for our health. And clean-up is such a snap, we use it every day!” – Tracy M. Evansville, IN

“I thought I loved my Ninja until I tried the Vitamix.  Smoothies just don’t taste the same.  I can’t wait to order a Vitamix.”  - Amy Payne, Professional Organizer | Lasting Order Professional Organizing Services

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