Whole Food Nutrition from Juice Plus+ 

Juice Plus+® contains 30 different types of fruit and vegetables which provide a broad spectrum of the various phytonutrients to supply our body with the widest range of nutritional benefits needed for a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. And, clinical studies have been conducted in leading universities and hospitals around the world.

Juice Plus+®  is not a vitamin. It is a convenient and inexpensive way to add nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet every day.

Unlike most nutrition products, Juice Plus+® is backed by numerous scientific studies conducted specifically on our product. See for yourself the findings from researchers at leading hospitals and universities across the country and around the world. One study revealed a reduction of common cold symptoms by encapsulated juice powder concentrate of fruits and vegetables.

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Juice Plus+ is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways including:

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Read what great results Tammie experienced:

"I wanted to tell you that this skeptic has been impressed. As you know I have been taking Juice Plus Vegetable/Fruit/and Berry products for only a little over a month. About two weeks ago, I came down with my seasonal cold. (I get one every spring/summer and every fall/winter like clockwork.) I always end up on an antibiotic and have for more than 20 years. The doctors joke that I am repeat business they can count on.


Well, to the point, yes I still caught my seasonal cold, but to my surprises, I kicked it without a doctor visit. There is no other explanation for this, other than my immune system was able to fight this on its own because of the additional natural nutrition build up."

Tammie Tuley, Write Funding

PLUS we will provide Juice Plus+ whole food concentrate free for your child or grandchild ages 4-26. Contact us to learn more.

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Put a farmer's market on your back porch with a Tower Garden®!!

Tower Garden® by JuicePlus+ is a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. It's perfect for rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces--just about any relatively sunny place outside.

The Tower Garden® Growing System comes with everything you need to start growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits at home—including our specially formulated plant food and gourmet seeds. This aeroponic 5-feet-tall vertical garden allows you to grow up to 20 plants in less time than it takes in soil.


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