Essential Oils for Natural Pet Health

Essential Oils for Natural Pet Health

I use and highly recommend Doterra essential oils for both my family and my pets. The following info is a reference, listing common ailments and the oils that can be used to help the ailments.

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  • Oils: Serenity, lavender, Balance.
  • Rub 1-2 drops between hands and apply to muzzle, between toes, on tops of feet to smell, and on edges of ears.


  • Oils: frankincense
  • Blend equal parts rosemary, lavender, and ginger. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil, and apply topically on affected joints.

Bone Injury

    • Oils: wintergreen


    • Oils: melaleuca

Heart Problems

    • Oils: peppermint (on paws), On Guard (on back with warm compress)


    • Oils: lavender(on paws), Serenity (on stomach)


    • Oils: frankincense (on brain stem/back of neck), Balance (on each paw)

Ticks and Bug Bites

    • Oils: Purify (drop directly on tick or dilute and apply to wound)

Travel Sickness

    • Oils: peppermint (dilute and rub on stomach)


    • Oils: melaluca, lavender, Roman chamomile
    • Combine 1 drop of each in 1 tsp fractionated coconut oil. Apply 1-2 drops to inside and outside of ear.

Ear infections

    • Oils: Purify
    • Dip cotton swab in oil and apply to inside and front of ear.


    • Oils: lemongrass, eucalyptus
    • Add 1-2 drops to shampoo

Please note: Doterra essential oils are pure and safe for people and pets. Please be sure the oils you use are labeled CPTG: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.  Consider body weight on animals when using.  


We are not alone in requiring help from the herbal kingdom. Our animal friends, and those animals in our care, deserve their consideration too. Most animals Will actively seek out and use the herbal additions to their diet when they feel something is needed to make them Well. It is for us to recognize this and make the herbs available. In general, the herbs can be used for about the same purposes and in the same Ways as for people.

Gemma The Native American peoples learned much about the use of herbs by Watching animals. Animal Maintenance Formula combines the same high quality herbs as those for people. A.M.F.-W is designed to meet the complete normal needs for natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements for our animal friends. Additionally, to ensure proper oxygenation of tissues and extra care for the lungs, Mullein and Blessed Thistle are included. Gentian strengthens and assists the digestive system. Siberian Ginseng is present to provide assistance for the adrenal glands (one on top of each kidney, anti-stress and energy glands) to counteract both physical and nerve stress and provide stamina. Ol’ Number ll on its own is a repair formula for any problem of bone, flesh, cartilage and nerves. (It can be taken by itself for that purpose, if needed). Ol’ Number ll is included here as a maintenance of those structures. Preventing problems is a good idea too. Mugwort provides protection against many forms of parasites and also improves the digestion. (SEE: A.C.S., VITA-LIXIR,

COMBINATION: A.C.S. (All Cells “Salts” All vegetable source Minerals), Vita-Lixir (All vegetable source multi-vitamin formula), Mullein, Blessed Thistle, Gentian, Siberian Ginseng, Ol’ Number ll, Mugwort.

DOSAGE: Depends on the size of the animal friend and the severity of the ease. Normally, We think in terms of 40 to 80 drops, 3 times per day, for an adult person with the theoretical Weight of lbs. (alittle over 68 Kilograms) as a starting point and increase if necessary. This can provide a general guide. lf A.M.F.-W is used for therapeutic purposes and the problem is severe, within reason, let the animal follow its own inclination about amounts and offer the liquid more frequently. As to how to give it, usually mixed with the animal’s favorite food or drinking water is a good idea. With cats,
the problem can be approached by simply applying the extract to the fur in an area, which the cat can reach easily. As solitary hunters, cats are obligated to lick themselves scentless to avoid detection, so they will lick the herbs from their coat.

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