Change your wellness lifestyle and get results that last a lifetime with personal integrative health and wellness coaching.

How do wellness coaching sessions work?

  1. Call us to schedule your appointment at 812-473-2502.
  2. We will email you all the necessary forms you will need to help us help you achieve your wellness goals.
  3. Complete the Health History, Signs & Symptoms and Food Intake Forms (track your food and beverage intake for 4-6 days).
  4. Scan and email to

Integrative Health & Wellness - Private Coaching Options

We offer videoconferencing utilizing your personal computer or mobile device to provide you with flexibility to meet your wellness goals from almost anywhere. Or, if you prefer, we can provide private coaching over the telephone.

A variety of wellness coaching options are available to match your interest. You can book a single session to experience personal coaching or get specific answers to questions you may have. You may also book a coaching package that includes several sessions and will allow us to better address and gradually work through your wellness concerns and reach your wellness goals.

Services include:

  • Designing a wellness program to increase your energy, improve your mental clarity, improve sleep, build your immune system and much more.
  • Help with specific issues or concerns such as (but not limited to) weight loss, restoring the body's natural balance, and improving overall wellness.
  • Guidance and education about clean eating for wellness.
  • Spot coaching is available as needed.

Are you wondering exactly how wellness coaching works or how to go about booking a session with me? More specific info is posted here to help answer your questions. I also have a wellness coaching FAQ page here. 

God gives us all the same 24 hours in a day and it is up to us to use them wisely.  I could choose to sit on my couch eating chips and chocolate and watching some "real" housewives in some other city.  Or, I could play with my kids outside, cook a great meal or do laundry.  As a busy work at home mom, Bonnie's 30 minute phone coaching consultations are perfect.  We can schedule our chat around my schedule and I can focus for 30 minutes on me and my health needs.  I know if I am not healthy and taking care of myself, I can not be the best wife, mom and consultant that I can be.  Along with Bonnie's guidance and wealth of knowledge, I was able to prioritize my health goals and set a plan of action in our 30 minutes." - Gracie Bell, Independent Beauty Consultant and Bridal Image Specialist

Start feeling better, today. Make the decision to be renewed!

NOTE: Payment is requested in advance to book an appointment. Once payment is made you'll be prompted to book an appointment, you will also be emailed health information forms that will be addressed as part of your session. More specific booking info is posted here to help answer your questions.

Schedule a Personal Wellness Consultation 

Don't want to make a huge commitment? Not sure wellness coaching is your thing? Book a single 1 hour session without the obligation for future sessions and see how you like it before you commit. One hour sessions are suitable for those looking to test the waters or to get an answer to specific questions you may have. Additional consultations may be booked if you find you want more time and assistance after your first session.

This session can be conducted as a VIDEOCONFERENCE or as a TELEPHONE CONFERENCE depending on your own preferences and needs.

NOTE: Payment is requested in advance to book an appointment, please call our office at 812-473-2502.  More specific booking info is posted here to help answer your questions.

For those who just need a little extra help, longer term coaching plans are available. Regular coaching helps you stay on track with your goals, and reinforces the lifestyle changes you are making with additional opportunities to ask questions and share your experiences. Every person's wellness challenges are unique, and over time, we can adjust your plan to help you achieve optimum health.

After our initial session you can always opt to continue our coaching sessions.

Email with questions.

Nothing is more important than your health, yet so many of us are stuck in patterns that lead to poor health and chronic disease. You can change your course and choose a new direction through private wellness coaching. With wellness coaching, you have someone to guide you, help you understand your choices, provide you with the tools you need to take control of your health, and direct you toward better health and lasting change.

Bonnie is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Professional and Loomis Digestive Health Specialist.

She has a gift to help others …

“I highly recommend Bonnie if you are looking for results. I am impressed with her knowledge and professionalism as it pertains to nutrition and wellness. I have referred many clients to her and have partnered with her on several wellness workshops. She truly has a gift to help others.

- Rachel Toon, RN and owner of Naerea’s Organic Food Store