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Evansville's array of health care practitioners grows; popular health coach and public speaker becomes a Doctor of Naturopathy.
Getting health care professionals to listen to you can be tough and if they don't hear what you are saying then the chances of them helping with your ailments is slim. More and more people are turning to alternative medicine to get to the root of their ailments and to be heard. Evansville's own holistic health coach & public speaker, Bonnie Schnautz, is now a Doctor of Naturopathy. This further expands the holistic and alternative medicine options in the area and will result in a healthier, more empowered Tri-State!

"When I started with Bonnie my goal was to balance my emotions, get healthier and lose a few pounds. I rated my stress level an 8 and now (3 months later) it’s about a 3. My over all attitudes are better due to how I learned to manage and reduce stress and I truly understand the role of whole food and how it impacts stress. I have also managed to get off of all the medications that I was on; as well keep from going on another medication my doctor wanted me on due to some health concerns. I am now able to reapply for some insurance that was previously too expensive with a real chance of a normal or preferred rate when I apply later this year. Your program is a total wellness approach and not just nutrition education.

I’ve been able to get off my medication, my energy level has increased, my attitude is good and I’ve dropped a few pounds. I would highly recommend this program to anyone concerned about your health and the type of food you may be eating. It has been great, Bonnie is a true professional and easy to work with." — Danny Howard President PDR of Lexington

Bonnie Schnautz, previously trained as a Certified Natural Health Professional, is now a Naturopathic Doctor, with a diploma from Trinity School of Natural Health. She is putting her knowledge to good use improving the tri-State's health one person at a time.

"Bonnie is a wealth of information. Through the years I had read so many books, gone to the health food store, ordered vitamins, and thought I understood the healthy choices. I just did not really understand why so I continued to make some unhealthy choices thinking they would not really make that much difference. Bonnie helped me understand the whys and incredibly putting her plan into action has helped in two short months with my allergies and my energy levels. I really have lost the sugar cravings and feel so much more in control of my life. Her coaching would benefit anyone whether they have a particular problem/illness they need help with or just overall for a happier healthier life." — Carolyn Keeney


Bonnie Schnautz, CNHP, ND is available for one-on-one consultations locally as well as via telephone and webcam. She also shares her knowledge in a variety of public speaking engagements and teaches group classes throughout the year.