Chocolate Almond Butter Rice Crispy Treats

These delicious treats are the healthy version of rice crispy treats.  They are a great healthy source of protein to kick those sugar cravings or to boost your energy.  I use chocolate in mine but if you are not a chocolate fan, you can use French Vanilla Juice Plus Complete whole food drink mix.  These are a great source of protein utilizing the Juice Plus Complete powder and your favorite butter.  Caution--they are addicting!

2/3 c of raw honey, pure maple syrup or Agave

2/3 c of organic almond butter

1 c of Juice Plus Complete Whole Food Based Drink Mix (Dutch Chocolate or French Vanilla)

3 c of organic brown rice cereal (gluten-free)

Mix first 3 ingredients well.  Then combine cereal.  Press with wax paper into pan, refrigerate, cut and enjoy!!

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