California Waldorf Salad

California Waldorf Salad

California Waldorf SaladThis salad is a low-fat, dairy-free alternative to the traditional recipe and is a fantastic starter for any meal. It is quite refreshing and has the right amount of crunchy, tangy, sweet quality to appeal to anyone's palette. The walnuts in this recipe are rich in omega-3 fatty acids – key to many functioning tissues within the body as well as integral to the prevention of heart disease and stroke.


Makes about 6 1-cup servings

2 crisp, tangy apples (Fuji, Winesap, Granny Smith, or similar)
1 large carrot, julienned or grated
1/2 cup raisins
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1/3 cup Tofu Mayo or other low-fat, dairy- and egg-free mayonnaise substitute
3 tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar


Scrub, core, and dice apples, then place into a salad bowl. Add carrots, raisins, and walnuts. In a separate bowl, mix Tofu Mayo or other dairy- and egg-free mayonnaise substitute and vinegar. Add to salad and stir to mix. Chill before serving if possible.

Nutrition Information | Per serving (1 cup)

calories: 117; fat: 3.7 g; saturated fat: 0.4 g; calories from fat: 28.5%; cholesterol: 0 mg; protein: 2.3 g; carbohydrates: 20.9 g; sugar: 15.4 g; fiber: 2.2 g; sodium: 216 mg; calcium: 23 mg; iron: 0.6 mg; vitamin C: 3.4 mg; beta-carotene: 1008 mcg; vitamin E: 0.3 mg

Recipe by Jennifer Raymond, M.S., R.D., from Healthy Eating for Life for Children by Amy Lanou, Ph.D.

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