24-Hour Urinalysis: How Can It Benefit You?

There is a distinct connection between proper digestion and the occurrence of many recurring and nagging health complaints such as allergies, migraine headaches, and digestive disorders.

A 24-Hour Urinalysis screening provides biochemical evidence of what food(s) your body is having a difficult time digesting and assimilating. Your diet & digestion plays a critical role in how you feel and how you maintain health so this screening provides key information about how to best improve wellness.

The 24-Hour Urinalysis screening will enable you to knowledgeably modify your diet according to your body’s needs. Your body and needs are unique this is why a 24-Hour Urinalysis provides such valuable insight.

How it Works

Health is the result of being able to maintain certain constant conditions within the body. Your body must do whatever it can to maintain these conditions. In other words, it will hoard things it is deficient in, and it will discard things it has too much of. Since the chemical tests for calcium, salt and many others have been well researched for over 150 years, it is easy to recognize some dietary excesses and deficiencies before disease processes get started.

The body filters the blood through the kidneys and uses the formation of urine to cleanse the blood. It discards excess acid and alkali to maintain a proper balance between water and salt in the blood, discarding the excesses in the urine. Waste products and toxic substances, such as drugs and alcohol, are removed. Before disease processes develop, annoying symptoms such as allergies, headaches, and fatigue can result when any of these functions are not adequate to the task.

As urine reflects the food and drink intake, the 24-Hour Urinalysis will answer important questions such as:

  • Are you digesting the food you eat?
  • Are you absorbing and using the nutrients you’ve digested?
  • Are you getting rid of the body’s wastes?

The screening procedure is the best early warning system available today. Identify the reasons behind the symptoms---don’t just cover them up.

Take the next step in understanding your body's specific needs and find out more about the screening and how to book one here.

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