Why you won’t see me wearing a fitness tracker

Fitness TrackerTechnology, for the most part, is great! It has changed the way we act, think, communicate and yes, it has even changed the way we track our physical activity; but have we crossed the line? Could the popularity of these fitness tracking devices actually put your health at risk? The answer is a big, resounding YES!

I continually remind people, especially women (and their children), not to sleep with their cell phones next to their head or keep it on their body constantly; and now, someone creates a device that is made to be worn 24/7, even while sleeping!

It’s important to understand that ALL wireless and electronic devices emit either high or low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and EMF’s have been linked to cancer. I find it ironic that a so-called “health gadget” is, in actuality, negatively affecting our long-term health. To make things worse, many employers have decided to make wearing a fitness tracking device mandatory for employees as an incentive to help them reduce overall health insurance costs.

The Working Group classified ELF-EMFs as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”,
based on limited evidence from human studies in relation to childhood leukemia.

In addition, there have been 2,300 studies by the US Navy showing biological impacts of EMF exposure. A 2016 study by the National Toxicology Program shares preliminary results showing that cell phone radiation causes cancer in rats. This study is the gold standard of EMF research and makes it clear that our current wireless safety standards do not adequately protect the public.

While physical activity is important, a person’s level of physical activity is only one small component of their overall health. In fact, some of the most active people can often be the least healthy. Take athletes for example. People make assumptions that athletes must be extremely healthy, yet that is not always true. Many athletes have little or no nutritional knowledge. If we could attach a camera to individuals who embrace this mindset and evaluate their lifestyles, we would discover that many people are eating toxin-laden foods.

True health begins with feeding and detoxing the cells, which can only be found in whole clean food; free of additives, preservatives, hormones, steroids, GMO's and/or other toxins. Listen closely and you will often hear me say, “skinny is not healthy, nor can you out exercise a bad diet.”

Keep in mind that it is also important to take into consideration the amount of stress these devices may create. One of the most dangerous contributors to the increase in adrenal stress is constant mental and physical exertion. In other words, telling someone they have to meet a certain amount of steps or physical exertion could have a serious negative impact on their health.

I love to see people becoming aware of their health and the positive impact of physical movement; however, do we really need more EMF exposure to make this happen? What about the peace of strolling through nature untethered versus the stress of something monitoring your every movement? Could this monitoring activity create continual emotional stress of feeling like you're not measuring up to a one-size fits all standard?

So it’s time to ditch the device and refuse to limit your health goals with measuring steps or miles. Get out and experience some fun, sweaty activity….. just the way God and nature intended.

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