What’s Lurking in your Pantry?

One service that I offer and love is a Pantry Purge.  It doesn’t happen very often as most women are a bit intimidated and maybe even a little embarrassed to let me puruse their pantry.  I have been dubbed the "food Nazi" you know.

So, this last purge was quite rewarding as I was able to help some of our best friends on their wellness journey by helping clean up their pantry.  They were the perfect clients who did what I recommended, no whining, excuses or complaining.  I love this type clients not because it makes my life  easier (as it does) but because they get incredible results!

So, I’ll get back to the topic at hand of how a Pantry Purge works. I come into your home and together we review the products in your pantry, cabinets, etc.  I teach you what to look for in the ingredient labels.  First we look at the Ingredients (NOT the nutrition facts) to see what’s lurking in the can, bag, bottle or box.

We sort them into my rough rating system such as:
A) these will kill you long-term
B) these may just make you sick and fat and
C) may not be bad for emergency food (like if the world ends)

Okay, seriously we put them in three categories like a red (get rid of it), yellow (use with caution and/or limited quantities) and green (good to use). Click on the photos to enlarge them for better viewing.

Store Bought Beef Stock RED Flags

Can you spot the toxic ingredients?

Once we’ve done that, YOU decide if you want to keep them or donate them to a local food pantry.  As we are reading through the labels, I will point out/highlight key ingredients that are on the key additives and preservatives to avoid.  I also bring a reference book that allows the client to look up the ingredients they are not familiar with to help them make an educated decision.  Again, I educate and empower  when it comes to helping clients create a  lifestyle of healthy eating.

If you are ready to understand what's really making you sick and overweight, (and brave enough to let me in your home) call or email me. Also, if you are in the Evansville, Indiana area and would like to learn more about reading labels and decoding food information you should consider joining the grocery store tour I am hosting this month.

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