Benefits of Sharing Your Wellness Goals Publicly

Today I announce my goals publicly.   Stating your goals publicly helps ensure you will complete them.   I want you to help hold me accountable.  Cheer me on when I succeed and hold me accountable for my actions when I do not.  Why? Well, confession time.  I’ve gained around 7 pounds over the past few months—yikes!

Challenge?   I have a bad habit of thinking I need to eat to stay warm in the winter.  Poor excuse?  Absolutely, but it is mine!

Some may find it hard to believe but I am human when it comes to my eating habits.  I like sweets.  Good news...they are typically organic.  Bad news...they all have calories and sugar! They all create fat with lack of physical movement or eaten in excess.

I also love good food in general which is obvious from my restaurant meal posts.

So beginning today, I’ll be sharing my journey of what I am eating, drinking and my exercise routine over the next four weeks.  I hope it will inspire you to “play along” in some form or fashion.  Spring is knocking on the door so let the games begin!

Day 1:   Sugar detox.  How?  Stop eating sugar and eat real food.

Eating real food is easy.  Not eating a few sweets daily, is NOT.

Food Log

Green breakfast Smoothie:  2 cups water, 3 c spinach, 1 c kale, 1/2 apple, 1/2 banana, ¼ c blueberry and 1/4 raspberry, 1 carrot, ½ c raw sweet potato and 2 T flax seed.  Last but not least, my Juice Plus whole food concentrate which adds another 17 fruits, vegetables and grains.  Made it through breakfast but that's easy.

Gym: interval training on eliptical and weights (leg day).

Lunch was wild green salad with nuts/seeds and a cup of quinoa on the side.  3:00 p.m. Snack was sweet potato salad with walnuts and almonds, about one cup.  Sweet potatoes make me feel like I'm cheating!!

One mile walk with Mr. Beau.

Dinner: Wild green salad, heirloom tomatoes with homemade oil and champagne vinegar dressing.  Quinoa and black beans  as my main with around 6 organic corn chips.

Now it is getting tough.  Craving dark chocolate or something sweet bad! I had a few close calls where my fingers were on the chocolate and I put it back.  Instead I had a tablespoon of almond butter.

Self talk starts, " I control food.  It doesn’t control me.  I am finished eating for the night.  Sugar harms my body, it does not heal or perform a functional purpose"

Water for the day:  9 cups!

I’m going to celebrate making it through Day 1!    Good food, exercise, hydration and no sweets.

I have a personal accountability partner as well.  We will support each other daily and connect live at the end of the week.   If you know what to eat, having a personal accountability partner is truly the key to success!

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