Are You Trapped? The mindset that propagates continued sickness

I was terrified.  I could hear scratching and digging. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Thoughts of , "this is my imagination" were resolved when my cat perked up her ears as well.

I called my husband at work as this thing sounded huge. Something was desperately attempting to find its way out and it was coming from under my kitchen cabinets. I was terrified to open the door for fear of what would be revealed or lunge out at me.  The scratching and digging seemed to go on for hours and it continued over several days.

My husband finally concluded  it was simply a mouse trapped between the kitchen and my office wall. This was  hard for me to bear as I was the one who used to flip mouse traps in my parents home so they wouldn't be killed.  I love animals and thought this was such a cruel fate for one of  God's creatures.

Next I found myself tapping on the wall telling it to find the exit...follow the light.  It obviously came in through the crawl space so it had a way out if I could only communicate to it. I was thinking,  "don't stay trapped because if you do, you are going to die an early, slow and painful death".

Then I started to think, so many people are "trapped" and they don't even know it.  They are sick, diagnosed with disease or still trying to figure it out and depending on the medical community to help.  They are experiencing pain,  discomfort and yes a slow painful debilitating life.   They could die a premature and painful death.  I know this, but I can't seem to save them.

And what about their children and grandchildren? If they don't know how to escape the grips of disease and sickness, their children will endure the same gruelling life full of pain, discomfort and quite possibly premature death.

They are trapped in a mindset that there is nothing they can do or should do. They are trapped in the mindset that prescriptions and over the counter medications are helping them to "get better". Or if they get sick, someone else will take care of it.


Just like the mouse stuck in the wall, they don't know where the opening is or how to escape their circumstances. I'm knocking on the walls trying to give them direction but they can't hear me.

It seems that the language I'm communicating in doesn't make sense.  All they understand is that when I'm sick:

  1. I'll depend on doctors to take care of it. Or...
  2. I'll remain in denial and ignore the signs/ symptoms altogether. Or...
  3. I'll suppress the symptoms with over the counter medications or prescriptions thinking I'm making things better (while not knowing the damage these "fixes" incur).

Most of sickness and disease is an imbalance in the body.  It is an overabundance of toxins and a deficiency of nutrients.  God and nature have a perfect internal mechanism to rid body of toxins through fever, mucous etc. The body is able to heal itself given the appropriate resources.

However, when we suppress the natural detox process we are driving toxins back into our weakest organs. The cold is the beginning of all chronic disease. This is where it all starts and can develop into hay fever then asthma and possibly lead us to cancer from this weakened state.

Symptoms are a perfect message to heed.  Listen to what body is saying, the body is out of balance if you are experiencing signs and symptoms. If you act now and do not ignore your bodies message, we can prevent long-term detrimental health issues like chronic diseases and cancer.

How can you prevent disease?  As simply as eating whole, raw, clean foods that are non GMO, free of pesticides and herbicides.

Wondering about live foods and cancer? Stay tuned for Trapped Pt 2: Cancer isn't a mystery disease which discusses cancer and healing it. To ensure you don't miss Pt 2 of this series consider following me on Facebook, following me on Twitter.

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