The Plan Diet, Is it safe?

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Hello Bonnie. I am very concerned about a couple of my friends. They are in the third or fourth week of "the plan". It's a strict and perilous diet where you measure certain food items according to their reactions in the body by eliminating extracting certain foods to determine if for example its the potatoes or the pastas and or the bread that makes one gain weight and only organic foods are to be eaten. So far they have complained of severe head aches. And one of them passed out and hit her head on the kitchen floor. I guess due to blood sugar levels. I think this is extreme and worried. Are you aware of the plan? And what are your thoughts? 

More info on the diet can be found by searching the web or reading here:

The Plan Diet, Is it safe?

Thank you for you inquiry and patience in my response. You are a wonderful person to care so much about the well-being of your friends. I have not researched in depth the diet program called "the plan" here is why:

First, I always jokingly state that the first three letters in Diet is D-I-E so that's why I completely avoid them!  I teach people to eat the foods God  & nature intended however sometimes due to our toxicity levels our body may not welcome those foods right away.

The reason one size fits all diet plans don't work is that we are each unique. This is the key is determining the benchmark of where your body is on the healthy (or unhealthy) spectrum. I use nutritional testing to determine (through quantitative results) what those toxins are along with understanding a client's nutrient levels and deficiences. Once we know what is going on in your body, we can put it back in balance. Signs & symptoms or disease is your body's way of saying it is out of balance.

I hope this helps you dialogue with your friends about this. I applaud your ability to question what doesn't make sense to you. Not trusting every "expert" in the field is wise. The book review states the author is a "nutrition expert" verses someone who has had more formal background in nutrition which could be an MD, ND or RD. Before you seek advice about supplements or food intake, weight-loss, diet, ask the person what is their level of certification, formal education, years of experience etc.

Blessings on your health!

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