The Alarm

I woke up before the alarm today, thank God.  I really despise alarms.  Alarms are loud, set our nerves on end, disrupt us from our focus (usually much needed sleep) and force us to take action immediately.

My first thought this morning was that this is just like our health.  The alarm signifies our “wake up” call.  We may have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis or God forbid cancer.

Every day we make choices.  We either say YES to health and NO to disease/sickness or we say YES to disease/sickness and NO to health.  There really is no in between.

We can take action DAILY before the “alarm” goes off  by drinking water to rejuvenate us in the morning instead of caffeine (that further stresses our body and interferes with our immune system).

We can take action by sleeping the 7-9 hours that our bodies demand.

We can take time to cook REAL food. We can say YES to eating whole, clean (preservative, additive, hormone free) food and NO to processed, dead, sugar-laden food.  We can also say YES to make health a priority for our children by teaching them what whole, clean food is!

We can say YES to fun, sweaty activity (i.e. exercise) for at least 20 minutes per day and NO to the television or our other numerous forms of technology.

We can STOP thinking food is RECREATION and start thinking of how it SHOULD serve our body.

The deficits continue to build in our body or should I say in our weakened immune system.  We are creating long-term “nutritional debt” (and you thought the national economic debt was bad) which is getting ready to trigger the “alarm”.

Remember, once the “alarm” goes off, it will be much harder to turn it off than to prevent it from sounding in the first place.

Taking small steps every single day IS the answer to saying YES to health and NO to disease/sickness.

Because ultimately saying YES to health is about changing lives forever. People who experience good health also experience a fulfilled and satisfied life!  And who doesn’t yearn for that?

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