Struggling with Commitment

Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, said it so well. 99% is a Bit__ (my PG version is Bite); 100% is a Breeze. He also states that, “Successful people adhere to the “no exceptions rule” when It comes to their daily discipline. It has to do with making a commitment to someone or something. Do you make a decision when you arise each morning whether or not you will be faithful to your significant other? I doubt it. You made that commitment long ago and you just do it without having to think about it. If you forget to brush your teeth before you go to bed, you get up and do it.

Whether you are making a decision to improve your health or business, you need to determine if you are interested or committed. If you are just interested in making changes, you’ll do it only when convenient. I see this often in weight-loss. I continually hear, I don’t have time to plan or cook yet I want to lose weight or be healthier. Perhaps you are in the “just interested phase” because this isn’t realistic. Yes, there are some shortcuts but generally if it is worth having there will be work involved. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus but there is NOT a magic diet pill.

I’m sharing because this is what I learned about myself this weekend as I went off my sugar detox. My excuse and justification were grand. We were celebrating my husband’s new job. And it’s just one night. And I did share the dessert instead of eating the whole thing. That was Friday evening and by Saturday I decided since I had gone off it once, I could justify going off it again. At the end of the weekend, I didn’t feel good about my decisions because I realized that I hadn’t truly made the commitment.

Being on the fence all the time regarding decisions takes too much energy and creates internal distress. So much time and energy are wasted on debating the topic over and over. 99%, it’s a Bite!

Being firm on your position and commitment makes it a done deal. Simple. Non Negotiable. Case closed. 100% is a Breeze!

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