Plan Your Meals and Save a Life

How much time, effort and planning do you put into your family's food options?   Planning is the secret to wellness as when you have clean, whole food available during your busy week, you won't need to succumb to processed, lifeless “food”.  If 80% of all disease is preventable, planning your family’s meals is no longer an option, it’s a requirement.

Hate being in the kitchen?  Solicit the help of friend to do the same and share meals or get the kids and husband involved to make it a fun family event.  See who can find the best recipe and experiment with something new.  Americans eat the same 10-20 foods every single week.  God made a variety of nutrients from all the different fruits, veggies and greens for a reason…your body needs them!

You can also team up the family and have a contest to see what dish is liked the best.  Incorporate a fun reward like a family movie or game night (game night is one of our family’s favorite activities).

Also, think about making extra meals or snacks and freezing for the following week.  Hummus, meat loaf and soups all freeze very well.  Coconut crack bars do too but good luck not eating them all in the first week! There is a reason it is called coconut crack you know!

This week I’ve prepared garlic hummus for snacks/lunch, gelled chia for smoothies, coconut crack bars for dessert, butternut squash with bean soup and meatloaf (grassfed beef, of course) for hubby's birthday dinner.

To ensure we intake plenty of raw fruits and veggies, I’ll serve the hummus with plenty of raw veggies plus include lots of greens in my morning smoothie.  Raw fruits are usually my in between meal snacks as they digest better independently.

When 80% of disease is preventable, planning and food preparation not only saves time and money versus dining out or eating "crap in a bag/box", it can save a loved ones life!  We hear daily of friends and loved ones experiencing the pain and agony of chemo and radiation when 80% is preventable.  Taking a couple hours each weekend to prepare our meals and snacks will reap rewards for a lifetime!

Remember you and your family are so worth it.  If you want to learn more, download my free ebook entitled: Race for Prevention, Don't Wait for the Cure.

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