Our Weapons of War: Patience and Self-Control

One of my morning rituals to start my day on the right track is to read the Bible along with a few select daily devotionals.  Today's is from  one of my favorites, The One Year book of Proverbs by Neil S. Wilson. I felt called to share as I could relate it to our struggles with food and creating positive changes on our health journey.

Proverbs 16:32 It is better to be patient than powerful; it is better to have self-control than to conquer a city.

The mission of the believer is not too much different from that of history's most noted conquerors.  We must be determined.  Forceful.  Inspired.  Yet we do not set our sights on triumphing over nations.  Our foe is our nature--the sinful nature that is used to getting what it wants.  Our weapons of war are patience and self-control.

Learning to be patient is the mark of maturity.  For example, a baby cries until it gets what is needed.  It is impossible for a baby to understand or appreciate the principle of delayed gratification.  However, a mature adult learns to control his or her desires and practice patience.

Self-control allows us to disarm natural urges.  Delayed gratification means waiting for sex until marriage.  Patience allows us to discipline our children in love, never in anger.  Power conquers cities; patience conquers sin.  We need not set sail for new horizons seeking the ultimate conquest.  We can merely look into the nearest mirror.  It is better to conquer oneself than to conquer an entire city.

Today, Lord, I will fight my greatest foe--myself.  Make me victorious and self-controlled today.

WISE WAYS:  In what ways are you developing greater patience?  How do you demonstrate self-control?

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