My Dog Drinks Green Smoothies (or My dog eats better than most people)

Beau is focused on his green smoothie

If you haven’t met Beau you would love him.    He is our 10 year old boxer.   Many of my friends and clients have because he works with me daily.

Beau was diagnosed with cancer (mast cell tumor successfully removed) about 5 years ago and since then, we’ve changed his diet drastically.  He has a clean bill of health now! We were feeding him the vet recommended food which when reading the ingredients I realized wasn’t all that healthy (cereal based not protein). So Beau started his wellness journey.

He now drinks about ½-1 cup of Green Smoothie daily which is basically whatever I’m drinking that day. Today was a kale, cabbage, celery, broccoli, blueberry, banana, and apple mixture. Therefore, it was more blue than green!

Most dogs (and cats), like people, need live or raw foods because they contain enzymes. Enzymes in humans assimilate nutrients and break down our food so our cells can use it. Enzymes are the key to life and what is essentially missed in most people’s and animals diet. Once food is cooked or processed, the enzymes are destroyed.

Well, that’s not all my dog eats and drinks that most would think unusual. He also eats cod liver oil and organic yogurt daily, uses essential oils. All of this is on top of his holistic dog food. We’ll touch on the benefits of cod liver, essential oils and yogurt in future blogs.

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