How to Break Bad Eating Habits

I’ve realized through coaching that weight-loss is more about habits than anything else.  It is about breaking old habits and replacing with new.  With food and eating, some are so deeply ingrained that they are hard to recognize.  One of my habits is grabbing “a little something sweet” after lunch and/or dinner.

I met my hubby for lunch and he had a chocolate chip cookie sitting on his plate for dessert.  I automatically reached over and started to break off a piece like I normally would.  I realized what I was doing and retracted the action.  So, he graciously broke the cookie in half and handed it to me!  I thanked him and said no thank you!  I really just wanted one bite.  But I had to prove that I don’t need it.  It serves no purpose in my body but in fact does damage.  I realized it was just a habit that I had created to think that I needed to have a little something sweet after a meal.

Replacing that bad habit is key to my sugar detox.  So tonight after dinner, I immediately went to work in my office instead of hanging around the kitchen to see what sweet treat I could find!  And yes, I made it through lunch and dinner without either and feel really good both mentally and physically!

I’ve always had the mentality that if I think I have to have something, I immediately go “cold turkey”.  I’ve used the same principals with coffee, alcohol and soft drinks.

What habits do you need to create and which do you need to let go of?  A great resource is a book called the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  He also provides free resources (even a Habit Assessment) on his website at

Day 2 Goal of my sugar detox accomplished!

P.S.  I did NOT accomplish my exercise goal yesterday.  Heading to the gym now!

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