Busyness is often based in fear

I recently listened to an audio (How Did I Get So Busy) by Valorie Burton that really moved me.  My goal in 2011 is, believe it or not, to do LESS.  Don't get me wrong, I want to help more people but want to find ways of reaching more without overextending myself in the process.  I have come to the conclusion that if I don't practice self-care, I will not be able to serve those who need it most.

Busyness if often based in fear.  I heard the words but never really equated busyness with fear.  Valorie discusses some of the reasons why people stay busy.  It’s often the “what if?” questions that cause people to get caught up in the busyness cycle.

“What if I say ‘no’ to certain activities and let people down?”


“What if I slow down and I'm not able to accomplish everything I need to?”

“What if I stop taking on so much and discover people don’t need me as much as I thought they did?”

Often, people equate being busy with being significant.  We wear our busyness as a badge of honor.  Significance and busyness are not one in the same. One is about doing a lot and the other is about making an impact.  It is about being intentional.

So what can we do to stop the busyness cycle?

First, acknowledge there that busyness is a challenge in your life.

Second, know you can reclaim your schedule. You can make time for yourself and those who matter most to you. But you must be intentional about it. That means making sure your priorities are reflecting in your schedule and life .  Is Wellness a priority for you? Then make sure you plan for it every day.  It could be meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, exercise, stress reduction or rest!

Is family a priority for you?  Be sure to connect with your spouse or children daily at breakfast, dinner through meaningful conversation and by being fully engaged.

The same holds true for reconnecting with yourself. Resting, self-reflection, vacation, hobbies, fun—these are all important aspects of living intentionally and fully. When these things get crowded out, it’s a sign that you’re too busy!

Need to know if you need a busy detox?  Take the first steps toward better health and mental clarity today by booking a consultation today!

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