Are you Toxic? Take the Quiz!

We've, been discussing toxicity lately so I thought I'd share this fun quiz on toxicity. Take the quiz and add up your points. At the end check out your score to see if you are toxic.

1. How many servings of fruits or vegetables do you consume?

1 per day = 1, 3 per day = -1, 5+ per day = -2

2. How often do you consume whole grains (such as brown or wild rice, millet, quinoa or barley) and/or natural fiber?

almost never = 3, once a week= 2, 3 times a week = 1, at least once a day= -2

3. How many glasses of water do you consume daily? (does not include coffee, black tea, soda or alcohol)

none = 3, one per day = 2, one per day = 1, eight per day = 0

4. Do you take a quality natural whole food supplement?

Never = 2, once a week = 1, few times a week = 0, daily = -1

5. How often do you exercise (30 or more minutes of continuous activity including walking or hikes)?

almost never = 2, once a week = 1, 3x per week = -1, 5+ times per week = -2

6. Do you sleep well without medication and wake up feeling rested?

almost never = 3, sometimes = 2, usually = -1, always = -2

7. Have you ever been exposed to heavy metals via mercury (or other metal) dental fillings?

3 + fillings = 3, 2 fillings = 2, 1 filling = 1, never = 0


OK, tally up your score. Scoring:

-10 to 0:

Congrats! You are living on the low toxic path. Be sure you continue to stay on track.

1 +:

Changes are required to achieve optimal health and maximize energy levels. Following the same habits and tendencies may cause toxic levels to rise and heighten the risk of serious health problem.

If you are interested in learning what you can do to help detoxify your life, check out my Race for Prevention ebook or book a wellness evaluation today.

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