A Different Concept in Wellness Training

One question I receive regularly is “How does a telephone coaching program work?”  And, "Does it work as well as face-to-face?"  Having worked in major corporations for years, telephone or remote training was a way of life.  Therefore, I sometimes take it for granted that everyone understands the concept of telephone training or teleclasses.

The number one reason that corporations use is that it saves money in travel and time off the job for the participant.   Another major advantage for the participant is that they can listen from the comfort of their home or even if they are traveling.  It has also been proven to be as effective as face-to-face.

So, with that I hope the info below helps you to experience this concept with some of my current and upcoming programs. Here's how it works!

  1. First, you register for the training or class
  2. Second,  an automated system sends you a telephone number (conference line) to dial into with a 4-6 digit Access Code
  3. At the designated time for the training event, you dial the 10-digit number and input the Access Code when prompted
  4. You are immediately entered into the training session where the host will greet you (i.e. Me!)
  5. Note, the conference line is not a 1- 800#.  Therefore, you will pay for long-distance charges on a land phone or minutes on your cell phone.
  6. As it pertains to my Elite Membership program, your credit card is automatically charged monthly for $9.97.  The training calls takes place at least once if not twice per month.  All calls are recorded to listen to later if you miss the date/time.  You may opt-out anytime by canceling your membership through PayPal.   We provide you with a Password for the Membership Only page to access recordings and bonus materials.
  7. For the 62 Days to Your Skinny Jeans teleseminar, this will be a 8-10 week program starting the end of January.  The concept is the same.  You register via the link and you are sent a unique telephone conference line with an Access Code.   This teleclass meets every 7-10 days.  For your convenience, payment plans will be available which will be charged to your credit card every two weeks for four weeks.

I hope this helps everyone understand these training concepts.  It  is so valuable to be able to reach people all across the U.S. and share the value of nutrition!

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