The FREE Real Easy Energy Webinar Series

 The FREE Real Easy Energy Webinar Series

Do you recall hearing about Bonnie's free webinar event last month, 7 Secrets to Real Easy Energy? We are really excited about utilizing technology to reach the masses with useful, helpful wellness information. This is why Bonnie is offering a continuation of her energy presentation this month, October 3rd 2012 @ 7pm CDT, right here on the world wide web!

The FREE “7 Secrets to Real Easy Energy” Webinar Presentation

"In this FREE WEBINAR, I’ll reveal how you can stop dragging out of bed and gain the energy to be vibrant from sun up to sundown without the use of magic pills, “energy” drinks, or sugary foods that only leave you feeling drained and lifeless."

We are really encouraging people, from all over, to join us for her presentation and have those burning energy questions answered. You can view the video broadcast live via Youtube and tweet or facebook us your questions or, best of all, you can join the live Google+ hangout session WITH Dr. Bonnie Schnautz ND, CNHP and enjoy a completely interactive experience. Pretty great huh?

Can't join the live event October 3rd 2012?

We haven't forgotten about those of you that might be already committed to another engagement, we are recording the video presentation so that you can view it later, at your convenience...

Plus, we will likely be scheduling future events if Bonnie's schedule and the viewer demand continues.

Learn more about the free wellness event here:


Register to join us now:

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