It’s Dr. Bonnie now and that means prizes for you!

It's Dr. Bonnie now and that means prizes for you!

I'm officially Dr. Bonnie! It has been a joke for several years with my friends when I caveat my advice, with "I'm not a doctor"... but now I am.

However, I'm not a medical doctor, but a Naturopathic Doctor.  Naturopathic Doctors help educate to restore people's health naturally. What we do not do is treat, diagnose or cure illness! I believe God made our bodies whole and we can return them to that state if we provide them with the appropriate resources of whole, clean food.

This is so exciting and a gift from my creator.  What has been a dream for years has now come true!

So now I'm celebrating BIG time and if you know me well you already know that I celebrate by giving things away.  First, I want to give away a few products and services from a few of my wellness partners (massage therapy, infrared sessions, essential oils, etc.) so be sure to follow my Facebook, Twitter pages and Blog to participate.  I'm also giving away a free ticket to my Eat, Play & Love your Body Wellness Retreat which is a $200 value.

Wondering why I am giving stuff away?

All of my gratitude goes to my customers, clients and Facebook followers. You people have helped make my dream come true & I am so, so grateful.

I want all these coming gifts to be my THANKs to all for allowing me to serve you and follow the path God has laid out for me.

BRenewed is officially giving back this month check out the contests here and share the contest with your friends too! Everyone is eligible to win, not just Evansville, Indiana residents.

Thanks again for all your loyal support. It's been a pleasure working with everyone and I am excited about our future together here are BRenewed Wellness Solutions.

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  1. Mike Lee
    Mike Lee says:

    Bonnie, it certainly has been a long time coming, hasn’t it? I would proudly display your diploma for all to see.

    God Bless,



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