Do You (or Your Child) Have Yeast/Candida?

Do You Have Yeast/Candida?

Yeast is a common digestive health issue that is overlooked by many. Did you know that hyperactivity, ear infections, depression, skin rashes, mood disorders and even food cravings can be caused by yeast imbalances?

People that consume large quantities of alcohol, sugar or carbohydrates are likely to be susceptible to yeast issues and yeast is a very common problem area for a wide range of different people.

Getting to the source of the yeast issue is better and will provide more relief for the sufferer than simply masking the related symptoms one might experience as a result of the yeast. Unfortunately, we live in a society where curing the symptom takes precedence over getting to the root of the problem.

I am sharing the following documents with the hope they will aid you in determining whether or not yeast is contributing to you or your child's health issues.

Simply print out the above documents, answer and total your scores to determine the likelihood of yeast issues. When you finish your questionnaire, if you wish, please take a moment to in-person or telephone consultation
with me so we can discuss your specific observations and get you on the path to improved wellness.

There are all sorts of steps one can take to remedy yeast imbalances naturally, easily and permanently. In doing so you will indirectly "cure" the related symptoms that were displaying and find yourself feeling and looking better too. I'd love to opportunity to aid you in overcoming yeast related health issues if you are in need.

Session booking specifics:
I offer telephone consultations & in person consultations that can provide tremendous insight, to get started schedule a consultation today!

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