Top 10 Ways to Kick Colds & Flu Forever

Sick childColds, flu, and sinus infections have been a part of history for our family. For me, it has been over 15 years since I've experienced any of these unpleasant conditions. Some of the benefits of less sick time include more quality time with my family, productive time in my business, hundreds of dollars saved in toxic over-the-counter and prescription medications and much less misery in general!

Obviously there are no guarantees but these are things that have worked for me and many others have experienced the same success. I don't buy into the germ theory as I'm around sick people quite often. And, if this theory were true, then why is it I no longer get sick like I did for the first forty plus (unhealthy) years of my life? I can tell you it is not because I'm getting a flu vaccine or any of type of "preventative" vaccine. I've learned to put the right (whole, clean food) stuff in and let my body do the rest! And, I thank God for creating such an amazing work in us that this process can and does happen!

  1. Eat predominantly organic and non genetically engineered foods to eliminate toxic pesticides and herbicides. Not sure you understand the dangers of genetically engineered foods? Watch Genetic Roulette.
  2. Eliminate or greatly reduce dairy and gluten. Both are extremely difficult for most people to digest and therefore, can stress the immune system.
  3. Replace toxic personal care and household cleaning products with natural, safe, nontoxic versions. This includes products such as antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, toothpaste, laundry detergent and cleaners. Note that antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers contain highly toxic chemicals and destroy the good bacteria that we need. Regarding personal care, which includes cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant, etc, consider switching to an organic product line.
  4. Reduce dining out and become a vegetarian when you do. Animal products are loaded with antibiotics, hormones and genetically engineered chemicals.  Unless you can locate a restaurant that serves grass-fed meats (highly unlikely in the tristate), become a temporary vegetarian!
  5. Read ingredient labels on food and supplements. Even organic foods can be loaded with sodium and sugar. Because supplements are unregulated, most contain genetically modified ingredients and synthetic ingredients.
  6. Grow your own food. Vine-ripened produce grown organically provides the highest nutrient values possible. Produce that has been picked green and sat in a store for a week, can lose up to 50% of its nutrient values. We grow all year long with an aeroponic vertical growing system.
  7. Eat more plants than animals. Plant-based foods are naturally anti inflammatory, alkaline and contain antioxidants and fiber.  Animals do not meet this criteria which is a key to health and ease digestion.
  8. Use a plant-based whole food concentrate to bridge the gap between what you aren't able to eat every day. Getting the 7-13 servings organic, vine-ripened, fruits, vegetables and berries a day is almost impossible for most of us. Juice Plus whole food concentrates are the only product with proven clinical research which is what we use.
  9. Take a plant-based digestive enzyme with each meal especially if you are over forty years of age. Most of us have consumed enough processed food, alcohol and medications to reduce our natural production of enzymes.
  10. Reduce or eliminate alcohol, caffeinated coffee, soft drinks and drink filtered water instead. The best filter system is reverse osmosis.

So, I know many of you may be thinking that this sounds expensive, hard or just plain not fun. In my opinion, what is hard, expensive and not fun would be having triple bypass surgery, being diagnosed with cancer or leaving a void in my family.  You have to value your health and life first and then the rest is easy. Your body truly is a temple so please treat it as one. YOU are worth it.

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