Health Issues from Prescription Medication

This is your brain.

This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.  Oh sorry, wrong post.  Talk about effective marketing!? Every time I see a photo of an egg it takes me back to that classic and powerful commercial. Although the commercial was targeting recreational drugs, the sad part is that we are using and abusing prescription medication at a much higher rate and it has become completely accepted in society.

I can't remember the last time I've taken an over-the-counter or prescription medication.  The reason I don't remember is because it has been such a long time since I've used them.  And yes, I'm quite proud of that.  I have God to thank for showing me the power of whole food nutrition to heal my body naturally.  Whole foods have healed my body from allergies, asthma, IBS, obesity, high cholesterol and even depression.

With all the side effects experienced from the medications my doctors recommended for the above list, I decided that wasn’t the route for me.  Many people think that because they are prescriptions, they have to be safe or they wouldn’t be on the market.

According to the CDC, more people die from prescription medication than they do from heroin or cocaine. Deaths from prescription narcotics have increased fourfold.

Prescription drugs are handed out like candy and speaking of candy, it has become socially accepted to place our children on medications for conditions that could be managed through whole foods, discipline and structure. ADD and ADHD are two health issues that can easily be eliminated through whole food consumption and elimination of processed foods.

As for me, my focus these days is on preserving my brain cells.  I did enough damage in my youth and ignorance that it is time to take responsibility and control of my health.  What about you? What is one simple step that can get you closer to improving your health, increasing your energy or losing a few pounds?  Skip the 400 calorie artificial stimulant beverage loaded with sugar? Stop bringing home the soft drinks, chips or cookies?  It’s all about discipline and taking action with one simple step forward. What is your's going to be?


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