Do You Know Your Intestinal Age?

How healthy is your digestive system?  Is your intestinal age older or younger than you expected?

Find out by taking this Digestive Health Quiz.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine how healthy your digestive system is.  It is interesting to know if your actual age matches your intestinal age.  If your intestinal age is older than expected then it's time to look for a healthy life style change and take action with good enzymes that will benefit and help your digestive system.  If it's younger or matches your age, then it's time to take good care and maintain your young digestive system with good supplements.  Please be honest with yourself when taking the questionnaire, as it will help to determine an accurate intestinal age reading, which will help you to better understand where your health is today and how to improve it.

Assessment Questions: Please check the following boxes that relate to you.

Eating Habits

□  Often do not eat breakfast

□  Breakfast is usually short and quick

□  Eat meals at irregular times

□  Inadequate intake of vegetables

□  Like to eat meat

□  Like to drink milk and eat dairy products

□  Eat out more than 4 days a week

□  Like to drink soft drinks

□  Often eat late at night

□  Drink alcoholic beverages



Bowel Habits

□   Often 'strain' when having a bowel movement

□   Don't feel completely empty even after a bowel movement

□   Difficult to have a bowel movement (ex.constipation)

□   Stool is hard and resembles pebbles

□   Stool is very soft or experience diarrhea

□   Stool is a dark color

□   Stool and gas have an awful smell

□   Irregular bowel movements

□   Stool sinks to the bottom of toilet


Living Conditions

□   Often smoke

□   Facial skin tone is dull and you appear older than you are

□   Rough skin, acne or other skin condition

□   Lack of exercise

□   Often feel stressed

□   Feel panic or rushed in the morning

□   Often have difficulty falling asleep at night

□   Lack of sleep due to staying up late

□   Often feel tired after waking up


 Your RESULTS: If you checked:

0 boxes: Your Intestinal age is younger than your actual age. Congratulations, your intestinal health is outstanding!

1-4 boxes: Your Intestinal age = your actual age + 5 years. This means your intestinal age is slightly older than your actual age. You may need to start paying attention to your intestinal health.

5-10 boxes: Your Intestinal age = your actual age + 10 years. Your intestinal age is older than your actual age which means you need to pay more attention to your diet and try to get better rest.

11-14 boxes: Your Intestinal age = your actual age + 20 years. Your intestinal age is much older than your actual age so you must completely change your eating and living habits.

16+ boxes: Your Intestinal age = your actual age + 30 years. Your intestinal health is very poor. Please seek professional help immediately.





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