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It's time to start the transition of our physical location at B Renewed Wellness Center. With that, there are bittersweet emotions that come with it. My interior designer, Kim Taylor-Vatel, did an incredible job in creating a warm, inviting (non sterile or medical) atmosphere that our clients loved.  So we have a few things to share with you to see if you or your family could benefit by getting great deals on some high quality things.

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Ultimate Renewal Group Coaching Program

 Are you ready to experience more energy, cleanse and rejuvenate your body plus maintain or lose weight?

If you're ready to  renew your body then please join our

Ultimate Renewal Group Coaching Program

brenewed-wellness-consulting-banner We are offering a fun, natural and interactive six-week group coaching program that meets weekly to provide you with HOPE that you can and will feel years younger, happier, and more energized than you have in a long time. We utilize whole, clean food that is non GMO and naturally gluten-free.  In this program YOU can:

  • Increase energy
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Reduce cravings for salt and/or sugar
  • Lose weight or improve weight management
  • Plan economical meals using clean, whole foods
  • Develop an ongoing stress reduction practice

Experience private coaching in a small group setting. Enrollment is limited to 12 participants. Additional features of this dynamic program include whole food food and green smoothie demonstrations, learning to set and achieve goals, and coaching by our professional, experienced staff with a track record of success. An exciting BONUS, exclusive to this program:  Nutritional/Urinalysis Testing, a $199 value, is included!  Nutritional urinalysis testing is a scientific way to find out the reasons why you feel the way you do.  Nutritional Urinalysis can  identify the nutritional stressors that may be the cause of the symptoms you experience.

The total value of this program is over $880. Your investment in your health is $497 or two payments of $249.

Call us for special pricing if you are long-distance or would like to attend via webinar.




Special Bonus:  Refer a friend and you both receive a special gift. Program Details: Classes are weekly on Tuesdays, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 6 week program starting Tuesday, March 7  through Tuesday, April 11. Program purchase is transferable but nonrefundable. Last day to register: Tuesday, February 28. map-to-brenewedLocation: B Renewed Wellness Center 6700 N First Ave Evansville, IN 47710 and via Webinar for remote clients. Call 812-473-2502 or email for more information. Facilitators: Bonnie Schnautz, Naturopathic Practitioner and Digestive Health Specialist and Ashley Sams, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant.

Women’s Weekend Away 2013

Women's Weekend Away 2013

March 15th -March 17th 2013
In new harmony, Indiana. Presented by The Women's Hospital.

Women’s Weekend Away is the region’s most unique event where women all over the Tri-State will relax, rejuvenate and reconnect! Enjoy keynote speaker Tanya Abreu, participate in workshops, visit with vendors and much more!

Women's Weekend Away makes a perfect get-a-way for you and your girlfriends, or any other special woman in your life.

Choose from 5 different weekend tracks:

  • Creative Woman
  • Healthy Woman
  • Inspired Woman
  • Culinary Woman
  • Enlightened Woman

Download the brochure with full event details. Save the date info:  Women's Weekend Away 2013 Info

Women's Weekend Away
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I'll be a special guest presenting:

7 Steps to Blast your Energy Meter from 1 to 10 (and regain that youthful spark!)

Bonnie Schnautz, founder of B Renewed Wellness Solutions, is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Natural Health Professional.  She specializes in helping women renew their health to fuel and fulfill their dreams the natural way.  In this presentation Bonnie will share how to...
  • Accomplish everything on your to do list and have energy left for FUN
  • Feel great, lose weight and BOOST your self-confidence!
  • Boost your metabolism naturally and your immune system
  • Skyrocket your productivity at home and work
Empowering women through natural health

Empowering Women & Changing Lives Webinar

Empowering Women & Changing Lives Webinar

A monthly event from 12pm to 12:30pm (CST) on the first Tuesday of the month

As women, we all need to utilize our powers and learn new ways to develop income while still being a mom, wife and entrepreneur.  It's not easy juggling careers and family responsibilities but it can be done. In tough economic times, having one income to depend on can be risky.  However, many of the jobs available don't offer the pay we deserve or the flexibility we need to care for our family.

Do you have a Plan B for your family's health and financial resources? This 30 minute call will help provide answers to these questions and more.  Bonnie will share her experience with the Juice Plus Virtual Franchise and how it has improved the health and finances for her family.

If you are passionate about wellness, helping others and want to be part of our Mom's on a Mission or Women on a Mission, we'll cover that as well.

Step 1: You can listen via the conference line (Conference Access Number: 1-218-632-0237 Conference Passcode:2011#).

Step 2:  And/or view the presentation at:

This is a live presentation where you can ask questions. Can't wait to hear you on the call and invite your friends too.



Win a 30 min Telephone Consultation with Bonnie

Win a 30 min Telephone Consultation with Bonnie

Now that I've graduated it's time to give back to all my wonderful supporters & followers! All of my gratitude goes to my customers, clients and fb followers. You people have helped make my dream come true & I am so grateful. BRenewed is giving back this month so stay tuned for more great wellness prizes and goodies.

Today's prize is a  30 min Telephone Consultation with Bonnie! Wellness coaching is many things to may people. Some need the accountability of a health coach to keep them on track, other just need an expert opinion or a clearly laid out plan of action, others need someone to answer their wellness questions. Bonnie's wellness coaching is all these things and is custom fit to your own needs/ goals. Learn more about wellness coaching here.

Enter to win:

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Want to enter for more prizes? View all my giveaways and prizes here:

The FREE Real Easy Energy Webinar Series

 The FREE Real Easy Energy Webinar Series

Do you recall hearing about Bonnie's free webinar event last month, 7 Secrets to Real Easy Energy? We are really excited about utilizing technology to reach the masses with useful, helpful wellness information. This is why Bonnie is offering a continuation of her energy presentation this month, October 3rd 2012 @ 7pm CDT, right here on the world wide web!

The FREE “7 Secrets to Real Easy Energy” Webinar Presentation

"In this FREE WEBINAR, I’ll reveal how you can stop dragging out of bed and gain the energy to be vibrant from sun up to sundown without the use of magic pills, “energy” drinks, or sugary foods that only leave you feeling drained and lifeless."

We are really encouraging people, from all over, to join us for her presentation and have those burning energy questions answered. You can view the video broadcast live via Youtube and tweet or facebook us your questions or, best of all, you can join the live Google+ hangout session WITH Dr. Bonnie Schnautz ND, CNHP and enjoy a completely interactive experience. Pretty great huh?

Can't join the live event October 3rd 2012?

We haven't forgotten about those of you that might be already committed to another engagement, we are recording the video presentation so that you can view it later, at your convenience...

Plus, we will likely be scheduling future events if Bonnie's schedule and the viewer demand continues.

Learn more about the free wellness event here:


Register to join us now:

It’s Dr. Bonnie now and that means prizes for you!

It's Dr. Bonnie now and that means prizes for you!

I'm officially Dr. Bonnie! It has been a joke for several years with my friends when I caveat my advice, with "I'm not a doctor"... but now I am.

However, I'm not a medical doctor, but a Naturopathic Doctor.  Naturopathic Doctors help educate to restore people's health naturally. What we do not do is treat, diagnose or cure illness! I believe God made our bodies whole and we can return them to that state if we provide them with the appropriate resources of whole, clean food.

This is so exciting and a gift from my creator.  What has been a dream for years has now come true!

So now I'm celebrating BIG time and if you know me well you already know that I celebrate by giving things away.  First, I want to give away a few products and services from a few of my wellness partners (massage therapy, infrared sessions, essential oils, etc.) so be sure to follow my Facebook, Twitter pages and Blog to participate.  I'm also giving away a free ticket to my Eat, Play & Love your Body Wellness Retreat which is a $200 value.

Wondering why I am giving stuff away?

All of my gratitude goes to my customers, clients and Facebook followers. You people have helped make my dream come true & I am so, so grateful.

I want all these coming gifts to be my THANKs to all for allowing me to serve you and follow the path God has laid out for me.

BRenewed is officially giving back this month check out the contests here and share the contest with your friends too! Everyone is eligible to win, not just Evansville, Indiana residents.

Thanks again for all your loyal support. It's been a pleasure working with everyone and I am excited about our future together here are BRenewed Wellness Solutions.