Day 1 of the blog-a-thon challenge

Day 1 of the blog-a-thon challenge.

Dana Nelson has set forth a challenge.   And those that know me know… I love a challenge.  Her challenge is to write a blog daily for 30 days.  Seriously, how hard can this be?  I consider myself a pretty strong writer and received good grades in high school and college for my writing skills.  Seems like a simple and quick item to place on my daily to-do list.  Piece of cake…NOT!!!!

So why is it that someone who practices discipline daily starts to sweat thinking that I am posting my thoughts, feelings and ideas  for the world to see?   I wonder if my mentor, dearly departed Euell Gibbons (SNL’s version of him eating pine trees was awesome) would struggle with writing blogs?

I can discipline myself in the arena of health and wellness easily.  I work out quite faithfully, eat the recommended 7-13 fruits and veggies, take my whole food nutrition products (Juice Plus) and drink my 8-10 glasses of water…blah, blah, blah.  So, why can’t I seem to take 10-15 minutes to write and share my life with the world!?

Let’s take a look inside.  Could it be the fear of disclosing my most personal thoughts that I like to keep near and dear to me?   I wonder if I was able to share my toys when I was younger?   Or is it the fear that my sometimes  improper grammar could be exposed?   So, I’m NOT perfect???  Would people stop coming to me for weight-loss, help with cancer or  nutrition advice if they really knew what goes on in my sometimes crazy head?  Well, I do have a pretty strange sense of humor that may slip in from time to time.  You have been warned.

O.K.  Well, since there is not a number of words requirement, I’m going to say that I’ve accomplished Day 1 of the blog-a-thon challenge.   Wow, now that was painful but therapeutic!  Thanks Dana for pushing us to an area of discomfort and growth!

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  1. Talinan
    Talinan says:

    I love blogging, it is therapeutic and you’ll be surprised how many people crave the honesty and realness of blogs. It is how I get away with blogging about rude neighbors. LOL!

  2. Cheryl Mochau
    Cheryl Mochau says:

    Dana, I have wanted to blog daily, have made a couple of pathetic attempts on my website, but lacked the discipline to keep at it. This will be a good exercise for me to kick the butt of inertia. Thank you for throwing the challenge out there!

    On November 17 my second book was published and since then I’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of activity. Talks, sales and signings seem to have taken over in a life that’s already quite busy. The Christmas season always absorbs my extra available time, and this year its more of the same.

    Discipline will need to be my keyword in 2011. Discipline of time, energy and health, led by an increase in spiritual growth.

    This sounds like a good start to a daily blog. If I skip a day feel free to come after me and say “Hey! How’s that discipline thing working for you?” Hopefully I will answer! LOL!


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