Dr. Bonnie’s 2012 Reflections

This spring we experienced a beautiful week in Avon/Outer Banks, NC with our three grown children. For those who have grown children, you know how precious this is getting everyone together. We had a home on the beach and watched the sun set and rise against the ocean with all its glory. We played in the water, made smores in the firepit and played cards and games galore. Our oldest daughter even caught a baby shark on our fishing excursion. It was a place that we all agreed we would want to revisit soon.

The next milestone was my son deciding to enlist in the Army/ROTC. He left for Basic Training in Ft. Benning, Tuesday, September 18. I had no idea how hard that would be to let go. When you spend your entire life protecting that life, letting go and trusting that he will be safe and treated well with complete strangers was extremely difficult. I struggled with that for several weeks as we had little or no contact with him.

However, the blessing is what I have learned and want to share with others. The emotions range from fear of not knowing where or who is taking care of them to concern for their ability to pass the tests. My plan is to join a support group and raise awareness for parents who experience this same thing. To comfort them and let them know it is normal to experience these feelings. I knew nothing about the military process and have learned much that I can share with other moms to give them a sense of peace when their child makes the decision. I am SO proud of him to want to serve our country but nevertheless, seeing him walk on that plane unto the unknown was tough.

The final life-altering event was losing Beau. You can read his multi-part story here. I have never experienced losing a pet that I had grown so close to. The intensity of the pain it brought us was excruciating at times. 

We knew it would be hard, but didn't truly realize what a huge part of our life he had become. Since working from home, we shared almost every moment for the past three years including meals, walks and just life. Beau had a gift of helping my clients by showing them his love and protection. I loved watching him interact with clients that are critically ill as he was very sensitive and much calmer around them. 

Pets bring so much life into a home and even though we still have Catalina (cat), there is a huge void in our home and in our hearts. I know time will heal but he will always remain in our hearts. Besides, I know "all dogs go to heaven." My husband made the sweetest comment and said that God knew what an amazing dog he gave us (almost 13 years, 91 in human years!) and was ready to take him back. I think he was right on with that thought.

Last, but not least, my business has continued to grow and God allows me to serve so many in different capacities. Instead of only helping people with their health, I'm also teaching people how to manage their own wellness businesses. I'm on a mission to save lives and people from toxic food and toxic medications. Taking a team perspective is much more impactful as together we can serve more.

Disease (yes, even cancer) IS preventable and curable. And even if we have cancer or other chronic disease, it doesn't mean that chemo and radiation are the only answers.  There are many other natural, safe options. We need an army of men and women sharing the message of whole food nutrition and natural healing. Our children's lives and futures are at stake.

If you are ready to make a change in your health or want to spread the word, please contact me. The training is included and you don't need a PhD to make a difference!

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