Week 5: SUGAR: How sweet it is…NOT – 52 Weeks of Wellness

February is all about sugar, natural and chemical. So, before you sink your teeth in to some Valentines Day treats consider these numbers:

80% of women I meet with struggle with sugar cravings. Through my 24 Hr Urinalysis testing we often find the body is deficient in its ability to break down carbohydrates due to an excess over their lifetime and deficiency in enzyme production.

90% of the children I've tested as young as 5 years are also found to be enzyme deficient and lacking in their ability to break down carbohydrates and that should really concern us.

Sugars & Carbs = Energy

Remember, carbs/ sugars also include the healthy stuff like fruits and veggies. So you see how crucial the ability to break down and assimilate these nutrients is?

Your Action Step this week: Start tracking your food intake (time of day) along with craving times. You can then correlate the food you eat that may trigger the sweet cravings and keep us posted below. Next week we’ll look at ways to alleviate them.

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  1. Toni Martin
    Toni Martin says:

    The sugar craving simply kicks my butt. I’m trying to kick it and fruit and dates help but… there’s nothing like dark chocolate!

  2. Penelope
    Penelope says:

    Do I leave my comment here or on Facebook?
    I looked for dates over the weekend at walmart, didnt find them. do they need to be organic?


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