Week 14: The Fiber Dilemma – 52 Weeks of Wellness

This month as part of the 52 Weeks of Wellness program we are discussing real sources of fiber, and why it’s crucial to our diet.

Last week we learned what fiber is specifically and how it aids the body.  We also discussed increasing fiber intake for optimal health and I cautioned against popping the fiber supplements as a quick fix to fiber deficiencies.

The absolute best way to go about increasing fiber intake is through consumption of plant foods.  Fruits, vegetables (don't forget green leafys), whole grains, nuts and seeds because they often contain both types of beneficial fiber.

However, fiber isn't the only component to digestion and this is why I recommend diet changes to increase fiber as opposed to fiber supplements. Our bodies need enzymes to properly digest and absorb nutrients as part of the digestion process and fiber supplements do not contain these crucial enzymes like plant foods do.

Also, fiber supplements typically only contain one of the 2 types of  fiber, our bodies needs both to function properly. Plus, plant foods contain important vitamins and minerals that we need.

Like I said last week, nature has the balance all figured out for us already.  We just have to be making the right choices instead of the quickest or most convenient choices.

Week 14 action step:

What fiber containing foods are your favorites? Do you have any favorite combinations  that you're now hooked on? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. jennifer farless
    jennifer farless says:

    My favorite meal lately is a baked sweet potato topped with black beans, spicy salsa, and freshly chopped tomatoes and onions. I think that has quite a bit of fiber.


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